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Run Multiple Accounts

Can I run multiple accounts with the same WiFi???
Same kind of service on account two.

Is it safe for my accounts? or account will be disabled within few month?

@mi_mazu safe if you open one pc 1 account


okay thanks for your info

Do you have more than one account for yourself? If so, that would be against the TOS and you could get a warning/an account closed.


It’s my friend account, I just want to run it on same WiFi. (I have 2 PC for 2 accounts)

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You should read and follow the terms of service. You absolutely cannot have more than one account even if you put them on different computers.

Of course your friend can have their own account on their own computer on the same wifi. I don’t think it can be for the same kind of service.

You can earn the most if you only have one really good account. If you can’t even earn money from one account you won’t earn from two.


How many accounts do you have? You’re only allowed to have one account, otherwise all of your accounts can get banned. WiFi doesn’t matter, you’re not allowed more than one account, and that’s it.

That definitely looks suspicious, and both accounts are likely to get banned.

That’s what everyone who gets caught says, it’s a friend’s account, or a family member’s.

Anyway, if there are several people (really several people, not one person pretending that their 555 cousins also work through Fiverr) who want to use their accounts in the same household/on the same WiFi, they should contact Customer Support to ask for permission and advice before they start doing it, otherwise they all risk getting permanently banned. Those friends/family members should only open their accounts after they receive the permission from CS, and they should follow their guidelines (typically, offering the same service or interacting with each other in any way (especially buying from each other and reviewing each other) isn’t allowed).


Why do you want to run multiple accounts.?
It’s against the fiverr rules.
Using the same WiFi will get the two accounts banned.
It’s not advisable

you should visit this page and read carefully