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Run on sentences


I rarely rant. I love fiverr. You have CHANGED my life. But for heaven’s sake… doing voiceovers for clients who send me a script that’s one, long run on sentence… ahhhhhH!!! (As I post with terrible grammar, lol)


I couldn’t agree more! Nothing is worse than reciting a script with poor grammar and punctuation. Also, it’s the worst when people abbreviate words in the script, and expect you to say the actual word. People need to write EXACTLY what we should say, and how to say it.


Well may I suggest something…send me the scripts and I will edit and restructure to reflect the required language. :">


lol i proof read so much stuff that i just end editing and completely rewriting. … like we should be able to offer trainings they have to take before sending an order. … like lol really!!! recent experience still lingers!



You’ve been in radio for a long time (as have I). You know those 30 second spots, that have 90 seconds of copy and start out like this…

“Our main store, which our grandfather opened in 1942, is located at the corner of Elm and Maple, where the old soap factory used to be, and carries a huge line of new, used, affordable, name brand home decorating supplies and accessories, that you’re sure to love, to fit any budget or decor, while saving you money and time, all in a friendly and helpful atmosphere.”


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Good grief, was that terrible! :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: omg!!! I know exactly what you mean!