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Running a contest

Is there a way to run a contest on this site when looking for some work to be done ?

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No, there isn’t. :sunny:


Thanks for the reply. Its takes away the timewasters as the buyer has to buy and the providers have to be competent

Actually, free to enter and no guaranteed payment for work is more likely to attract desperate sellers and keep competent sellers away as they will have paying clients to work with.

I did enter a competition recently on another site but I was being paid to do so by the site owner. I got paid for an hour of work and put together a good marketing plan and overview - I might win and get $300 for it but had I not been paid up front I would not have entered.


There isn’t a contest option. Though I think it would be good if Fiverr did create one in some form, where sellers might earn a little bit from it.

The “Buyer’s Request” section is the closest. You could put up a request and get many people making offers on it, and choose the one(s) that you think, based on their page(s), including reviews and past work examples, will be best to do the work. You could ask for a quick test/preview before ordering just to see if the buyer can do basically what you are asking (as long as it’s not usable - eg. has an obvious watermark etc. on it should be okay with Fiverr rules).

Believe you me there are a lot of providers who are incompetent. I just wanted to know the option on this site. You might enter a competition if I were to pay double the rate.

Believe me I know!

The competition I was paid to enter was offering a “first prize” of 12 times the rate I charge so no, I wouldn’t. The work took me one hour and while there might be some follow up afterwards, it would be an hour maximum. Had the company running the competition approached me directly, the cost would have been for one hour.
(The competition site has the money in escrow and a winner HAS to be chosen from the entrants.)
Had they approached me with a $300 budget - they would have got a whole lot more than they will from the competition.
That shows how much can be saved if a buyer is prepared to put in a little work and to try out a couple of people themselves. That is what I have done during my 200+ purchases on Fiverr. I select a couple of sellers on the basis of profiles and gigs and then do a small trial order first, then pick someone from those. From then on, I will use that person and not have to do any more trials for that category. Much more cost and time effective too as the competitions usually have to run a lot longer.

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well as a buyer I personally find the competition better. much better
let’s beg to differ :slight_smile:


Each to their own I guess but I would suggest you try my way too.
Of course, it also depends on the type of services you require. I can understand why competitions are appealing for things like graphics and logo design - still don’t like them but I see the appeal.

Yes buyer request is the place where it is available

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