Running a fever and doing 8000 words a day


Trust me, it’s not easy…[Now, don’t send me messages asking me to share my orders with you, hire you, etc. ]


You’re right, it’s mental.

Extend delivery times, hit the vacation button and go to bed. Neither your buyers or your reputation stand to benefit from you simply making yourself iller.

Now is not the time for writing. Now is the time for chicken soup and binge-watching Breaking Bad


I hope you can get some antibiotics for it. I also recommend a hot bath followed immediately by using rubbing alcohol liberally, splashed and poured over as much skin as possible. I think for some of us it’s normal to work even when sick.

The hot bath followed by rubbing alcohol encourages the largest organ of the body, the skin, to kill and purge out bacteria through the pores which is a very efficient housekeeping system for the body. The heat of the bath, as hot as you can stand it, helps kill bacteria in the system while the quick cooldown from the alcohol triggers the rapid purge and sweating.

Force down as much water as possible to help the kidneys expel the bacteria also, preferably with a lot of lemon juice.


Yeah man, going to visit a doctor now.


Yeah, will visit a doctor now…


Get well soon! :yellow_heart:

(And good idea on the disclaimer, but it’s sad you even had to write it.) :laughing:


Listen to Cy &Miss. None of your buyers wants you to write articles when your sick. You can’t be your best.

Humm, this was 6 hours ago, so hopefully, you’re in :sleeping_bed: and not answer this thread. Nighty, night.

Get well, soonest. :sparkling_heart:


Get to feeling better Writer… I’ve been where you’re at. Do what you can, and rest often.



:wink: Get well soon.


Get well quick and don’t be sick!


I hope you keep us informed about how you are doing. :worried:


I hope you get well soon.


Hey guys, thanks everyone for the good wishes, I’ve just a couple of articles to do, finish that, deliver and take the day off. The doctor gave me some antibiotics, said that it was a viral infection.


Welcome to the club mate :smiley: sick, sore throat, and a running nose here. The weather’s changing and Asian dudes like us are getting the worst of it.


You can share your orders with me, hire me, etc :slight_smile:


Hey, I hope you get better.

It’s weird the people who message us on Fiverr. Twice I’ve gotten messages from people who not only want me to do their Facebook ads, but they want me to manage their campaigns, guarantee conversions, and a bunch of other things that I don’t do.


I must start exercising as soon as I get over this fever thing. Lack of exercise, 16 hours of sitting on a chair and worrying endlessly about what’s going to happen to India is the cause of 99.99% of my health problems and complete lack of fitness. Have to change the way I lead my life.


Story is not very different here…

Going through worst GOUT ATTACK of my life. My ankle is sore and bandage on… I am getting up out of my bed only when I need to go to washroom, jumping with one leg…

Taking week off of my regular job but doing 5 orders a day, they are keeping me alive though…

I don’t think many of us know about GOUT… It is due to one continuous meat food that caused my uric acid to rise above the level that my feet can’t cope.


Scratch the exercise. Find a good but suitably grimy local pub and start visiting it once or twice a week. The grimy bit is important as it will help you to start building better natural immunity.


It’s true that you can condition your immune system in this way. It’s mostly from being around a variety of people a lot.