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Running time issue

so i have a video editing gig and the running time is in minutes but when the gig got published it shows running time in seconds due to which my minute video time now says 10 second .

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It would be best tor report it as a bug to support so they can fix it.

I have a similar one reported to support 4 months ago (that they’re still working on) about a gig where sending offers asks for it in seconds and whatever you put in the seconds field gets shown as minutes when the offer is sent.

thankyou so much . could you please help find the report button as to where to report the gig bug …because i just joined few days ago?

The link is:

It’s also shown at the bottom of the seller help centre page (but it doesn’t show it with Chrome unless you click “view all topics”).

You will find this free course from Fiverr Learn useful for explaining how everything works:

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