Rush of impressions, to a dead gig


Im sorry to bore anyone with the same old Sh!t.

I’m just a little concerned after being back at fiverr for a couple of months.

Everything was going great, then i had a sudden rush of impressions which i thought looked odd. Suddenly i am dead in the water.

I was considering quitting my day job to keep up quality and demand for my clients, but this experience has assured me i will never trust the fiverr algorithm enough to give it 100%

can anyone suggest what might warrant ( a rush of impressions = a dead gig. ) im hoping there has been an error so that i might be able to priorities fiverr in the future… just a dream maybe.

This is a serious question and i would appreciate it if we left the sarcastic and punishable comments out of this conversation.


No one can do anything but guess. I haven’t a clue why it does anything any more.


I also do not trust Fiverr algorithms and I hope someone can explain this issue here.