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SAAHO BAAHUBALI: The first Indian movie to reach $140 Million USD


Well done BAAHUBALI team to make INDIA proud.

Special Thanks to SS RAJAMOULI sir, you are the man behind this Epic movie and you have shown the world about INDIAN movie and artists talent.

I am sure soon BAAHUBALI will reach $300 Million USD.


I’ve seen numerous animations with billions of $ income. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey Brother,


i know so many films which got Billion Dollars, those are all from HOLLYWOOD made.

This is the first INDIAN film and reaching to international standards. If possible appreciate kindly dont make jokes with it.

They worked 5 years for 2 parts of this EPIC film. No salman khan, Sharukh khan, or Aamir khan in this film. It is truely based from south india and PRABHAS is the next INDIAN SUPER STAR to talk about.


I wasn’t making jokes with it, just mentioned which I’ve seen​. And I know, it’s a lot of money for south Asian film industries. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:



Thanks Brother, you are awesome. Today is one of the biggest achievement for INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY and showing their capabilities to the ENTIRE WORLD.


I’ve to get time to watch this movie.Is this the same movie for which writer uploaded the trailer yesterday?


Yes it is. And it is a must to watch i guess NOW…


Here is the Trailer


I couldn’t understand that language :cry:That was not Hindi I guess!
@saddu_writer your profile logo is cute but I love your old pic seriously!


SS RAJMOULI he is very very intelligent not only screen play and Directing this movie, he is the Master mind behind this movie world wide marketing and his strategies are mind blowing. Thats why it is beating all indian film records.


Isnt it a hindi film? I am talking about language?


Oh thats good then. Means we urdu people can watch it?


Yes you can watch it sister :slight_smile:

Please watch this film when you have time. It is a visual Wonder.

  1. When technology and technicians are imported from usa etc, how is it still an Indian movie?
  2. If a movie makes tons of money, does that make it a better movie?




wow you are amazing. Yes Technology and some technicians are from USA and other parts of the world. But the story and direction and core subject is based in INDIA and it is ONE man show he is SS RAJAMOULI.

Do you know one thing? Most of the Hollywood films graphic work has done in INDIA. There are number of animation studios in INDIA and hey are working CG work for Hollywood films. that means Film industry has mutual help in all departments.

Yes it is a better Movie. Who has awaited the audience for more than 2 years with a suspense? " Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali"? That was the question even indian prime minister used to address in one of his speeches.

So Baahubali is a Trend setting movie for INDIA. Please feel proud about it rather raising unwanted questions about it. We are INDIANS and we all feel proud about it.


You’re missing ‘Dopinder’ the taxi driver in Deadpool series. He’s the best. And he’s Indian :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:


LOL at the above comment… :smile: Can’t say what I have in my mind to this commentator, as I don’t want to get banned.

@balubfa12 bro just enjoy the movie :slight_smile:


Phew! That is a very profound thought. You don’t need to be so hard on him. He just enjoyed the movie, had some fun, so posted a thread from excitement!



Brother no one will take care of INDIA better than you. All the best.


I am expressing my POV since an issue has to be looked at in its totality. I am no one to stop him from enjoying the movie!