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Sad but true, I will be demoted to level 0 seller because of this

on next evalution (15th mar) I will be demote because of reponse rate is 33%, because I have only 3 messages and 2 of all are spam, but I just delete them and no report as spams within 24 hours so my response rate was down to 33%
if my response rate is ok, I can be to level 2 seller on the next evalution, but with this situation, It will be level 0.
I have no messages so I can not change the response rate!!!
So remember, if you get any messages, please reply it or report it as a spam, dont delete it!
wish you all the best!


Hi @goodworker123 ,

When you received the spam message, did you notice a small text under the spam message saying that you don’t have to respond to the spam message and that not responding to the spam message will not affect your response rate?

If so, you still have a chance to get promoted to level 2. If what you say is true, all you have to do is contact CS and inform them that your response rate was affected due to 2 spam messages and ask them to reset your response rate. Please also attach screenshots of the 2 spam messages you received along with your message to CS as proof. This way, you will, hopefully, not get demoted to level 0.

I hope it works out for you.

Good luck! :snowflake:


I think I reply spams with;
“What is this” and then report.

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Thank you, I contacted to CS but they said my response rate could not reset with my case :(, I will pray to God and will reply all message to improve my response rate as soon as possible.


yes, we should report spam :frowning:

God bless you :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is sad but hopefully you’d achieve this again. Dont worry BE HAPPY!

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Thank you, @nabeelimtiaz07

Support has always corrected my response rate to 100% after I’ve reported it being less than that, despite answering all messages.

But think it as a challenge to climb back up, if they won’t help you! You were level 0 once before, and climbed up. You can do it again! :grin: And answer even to spam messages, because Fiverr can indeed punish you, if you do not.

And level 0 sellers might have very small invisible queue limits, so try to keep queue as close to 0 as possible, or your gig will be hidden if a specific amount of orders is in queue. I believe it’s about 8 for level 1 sellers at least. Not sure about level zero.

Thank you @adsensewizard, I’ve re-opened a new ticket to Fiverr CS and Im waiting for their response