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Sad Circumstances, But for Free? (BR)

Hello all,

I would really like to hear the opinion of this topic from the community.

So, there have been a lot of circumstances where people ask for a service for free while posing the budget of $5 (for a placeholder).

The situation is extremely sad, and I really feel for the Buyer. I decided to blackout all of the “intimate” information/backstory that was provided by the buyer because it felt weird to air out all the details that are not necessary for everyone to see (who passed away, when they passed, etc.). I only want to hear the community’s opinion asking for services for free.

Even in these horrible circumstances, is it okay for people to ask for free services on Fiverr (especially in buyer requests)? It was obviously approved by whoever manages BRs, so I am a little confused.

Fiverr does not work like that. You are not supposed to offer anything for free unless it is in addition to an order.


That’s what I thought too, but this BR was approved by whoever moderates them. Maybe it was a fluke approval? Or maybe they saved it by saying, “I was hoping not to pay for one… but I understand if I must”? Thank you for your feedback.

This is unacceptable and the backstory is all lies. A Buyer is asking for free services (or $5 for the cheapest price as possible), because someone passed away? Come on, where’s the reality here? Things just don’t match up.

And free services are not allowed on Fiverr. Your account could get restricted for this. You should also avoid those Buyers like this. Report it, so at least staff of Fiverr could investigate. The Buyer might’ve also spammed some Sellers too.


I think the ‘approval’ is automated, and that is why sellers who post looking for work get through.


If someone can’t pay $5 for something then I’d suggest they have problems far beyond worrying about getting a koala picture… They could easily take something off the internet and use that for something like this.


i’m not disbelieving them and i’m sorry for their loss, but $5 isn’t much at all, especially if the urn is going to cost several hundred bucks

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@drunqualified, it stinks to feel bad about charging $5! Maybe people thinking the buyer won’t pay and/or that their work (given the details of the buyer’s requirement and their experience) is worth more than $5, won’t respond. They didn’t say they won’t pay, just that they were hoping not to. So they can ask, but they may not receive…

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I’ll never give my work away for someone that asks it. If someone asks me to work for free, they have little to no respect for my person/profession.

Very few scenarios would make me to not charge anything at all, but even for discounts…the best way to ensure you won’t get one from me, is by asking.

Even if the backstory is true: Was any of the other items given to them for free? Creative artists need to understand they are also running a business.