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Sad situation ( can I remove that )


:cry::cry::cry:I done it good quality but he gave 3 stars.He needed converted to vector. It is too much unclear image but I drawing in good quality. This is my second sad situation . It is a problem of her software. I done it for him needed. I think that is a sad day. My overall rating always 5 stars. never unsatisfied my clients.

Can I remove



please give me a idea for that.


Not sure if that can be done.

The best solution is to contact the buyer and ask him/her to modify the review, explain how much it’s important for all your future projects, etc. I don’t think they understand what 3 stars means.

The second the best solution is to write a feedback to the review explaining in short what was the problem.


Thank you! Can I asked him for modified review? Is that legal please?


As far as I know, that’s ok. Just be very polite and accept the possibility they won’t change it.


If you want to ask a buyer to change a review, you should seriously contact Support first and ask them. You could easily be banned if you just ask the buyer outright.

I doubt Support would give you permission because the buyer reviewed you based on being partly satisfied and partly not satisifed. It actually looks fair as far as I can tell.

Can I change 4.7 stars

The buyer said “other than that, I’m very happy with the work”. To me, that sounds like the buyer does not fully undestands the the value of 3 stars. Honestly, 4 stars would be reasonable to me.


yes. I explained for contact support


I’m sure it does. I am just explaining to you that Fiverr’s position is that buyers can review based on how they feel, not how you feel. Even if the buyer entirely misunderstands the system, that’s true. I had a buyer who gave me a lower review based on communication and the buyer’s reason was that the Fiverr app malfunctioned during our communications. That wasn’t my fault. Fiverr still said that the buyer’s review had to stay.

If you want to risk getting your account banned or getting a warning, then feel free to ask the buyer to change the review. If you don’t want to take that risk, ask Support first. Your choice.

Edited to add: It looks like the OP decided to contact Support first. All I am doing is offering advice based on years of experienced with Fiverr staff.


my 5 stars 423
4 stars 4
3 stars 4
negative 1

how them calculate?


Is this 3 star much issue for my gig?


How calculate them for final overall rating?


sad to hear that, did buyer tell you what file format/s you need to provide ? did you offer revisions to buyer ? because in my experiences, if buyers don’t like the results, I always offer them revisions.

Note : if you think you are doing right, try to contact costumer support and explain them what happened.


All requirement are delivered


Is that issue for my overall 5 stars?


Then try to contact customer support and explain them what happened, might be cs have a good solution for you.


my 5 stars 423
4 stars 4
3 stars 4
negative 1

how them calculate?


I think they calculate the average of the last 60 days. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the mark too much, even if it does, the next few orders will bring it back to 5 or so.


Thanks for all :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


One think. Can are you tell me how saw percentage of overall rate?

%?? 100%