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Sad Story : editing my fiverr 'gig'

Hi everyone,
I joined fiverr a week ago and since than started preparing for my ambition to become “top seller” here, I know for it to come true i would have to work very hard. And the first step for it will be making my “first Gig”. And so my journey began.

I started making mouckup’s , thumbnail, intro, description etc… Went through every seller profile related to my work (Graphic design) on fiverr there specialty and even outside it, and made my “first Gig”.
After that, since i knew i had to be patient for results of all my hard work to come… so i waited… and waited!.. and waited!!! for two whole days but nothing changed my impression were low, my clicks were low, my views were low, every thing was low and more importantly I still hadn’t gotten a single order or even an inquiry message in my inbox (other than the bot who encouraged me during past two days) I even felt the sound “low” echoing in my mind but more than that echo… question marks appeared in my head that why??? is it so.I wanted to know why it didn’t performed well and how can I improve it.

And so i surfed net, while finding the solution, i got introduced to this fiverr forum and thus started exploring it.
Read many post’s, watched many youtube videos, went to every corner of the web and noted all advice’s from the “best seller”. By now I was feeling better and had confidence my gig will perform well.

After this, I had to implement those advice’s,So i again started making mouckup’s , thumbnail, intro, description etc… and cause of that i edited my Gig many times. at lest 10 times in a day…but that didn’t stopped me I wanted to see the results so i edited my gig again and again to make make it “perfect” in every manner.
Everytime i read post’s on how to improve gig, I will edit mine. I just wanted my gig to perform well for once, Until one day i read this on one of the post:

"When you edit your gig it is temporarily removed from search. According to CS it may take the editorial team up to 24 hours to approve the changes to a gig. So after that it should re-appear in search."

So what this “quote” is telling me is > this whole time i was hoping to get results from the “Gig” that’s invisible to everyone other than myself
and the sad part is, i delayed it’s progress by editing those descriptions and thumbnails everyday…
all of this was because of me…
That “low” word is in my nerves now…aahhh

This is it everyone…my sad story! and it end here
I wrote this to get some of my frustration out…and please don’t make the same mistake it’s painful :sweat_smile::innocent:,
Thanks for reading this whole story, i hope you got something out of it or at least new members will :smile:

Long story short : Don’t edit your Gig too frequently, cause it get’s your gig down for a whole day and thus buyers are not able to see it. you can edit once in a week or a month if you think it’s necessary but don’t be like me ( who edited 10-15 times everyday)… :v:


Hi there @incred_able, sorry to hear this. In a way, you are so much like me. I have been twigging and turning my gigs since I joined Fiverr 2,5 months ago. I maybe even changed my images 10 times, if not more. :joy::rofl:

But I finally starting to be satisfied with my 6 Gigs. I’m ranking now anything from 1st to the 7th page, I believe it was, so we’re making progress!!! But indeed we should be aware of not editing too soon!! Thank you for sharing.

Warmly, Humberto


Thanks for the post. Contains really important information for the newjoiners. Just edited my gig btw (before reading this post) :grimacing:

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@alextoo :smile: :v: Always happy to help


thanks for the information :slight_smile:

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glad you liked it :smile:

I just watch a course from Fiverr Learn and edit my gig according to the suggestion, and suddenly my gig my gig be denied and and need to rewrite my title because it’s “poor grammar”. Because of that, my gig in invisible for 2 days. Haizzz

certainly felt that :sweat_smile:

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A few of my earlier posts went off topic, so I deleted them (or they were deleted). Apologies for that, incred_able!

The part of your post that I’ve quoted is very important, and I’m sorry if some of my jokey posts caused it to be overlooked.

There are actually people on this forum (and on Fiverr) who believe if they edit their Gig every few days, it’ll rank higher. Some will edit the tags, or the title, or the images for the sole purpose of instant exposure. I mean, if you need to edit, fine, but to edit your Gig with the hope of immediately increasing its ranking…?

How on earth do these crazy rumours get started?! :smiley: :tired_face:


Hi there,

All the seller ambition is Top Rated Seller. I think you are in wrong way.


wrong? @app_promotion what do want to say? :thinking:,

Moral of the story is (and this goes out to all new sellers) :slight_smile:
Hang in there in the beginning you are starting from 0, apply for buyer requests, do the first jobs at a lower rate and ask for honest feedback for improving your services, it may take a month or two to get started, but if you keep being persistent and do good work, it will start paying off really quickly! :slight_smile:

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You should encourage your colleagues, not talk them down, I have had the same ambitions when I started out! :slight_smile: @incred_able just keep at it! :slight_smile:

Thank you! for encouraging me @patrickcharlie :smile: I, sure will to keep going no matter what :v:

but i edit my gig and next day my gig got viral and get 1.5k impressions in few days

That’s great @youtube_promo99​:wink: , i guess the edits got approved fast :thinking: cause the post says upto 24hrs.

i just believe on post from fiverr not form others. but if you read from fiverr post then that is right but i am sharing my practical experience.

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