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Sad story on Fiverr

Hello, everyone,

I was started Fiverr a year ago since I created my account I got my first Fiverr order after the day I created the account. Since the day I got orders progressively like 1-2 orders per week, it’s ok I had no rush to become top-rated seller as soon as possible, but I got targe to become a Top-rated seller on Fiverr one day. The orders were coming progressively as I mentioned before. Then after a few months later, I became level one seller Yay, I got one step ahead I was so happy. I worked hard and always provided an excellent customers service even the buyers were rude. After a few days later when I became a level one seller. Unbelievably I got my sales boosted like never before I used to earn reasonable revenue within 15 days I was extremely impressed.

One day I got an order from a seller he has been placed the order but he did not submit the details that necessary for complete the order, The order count down was not started until the buyer submit the details. I sent reminders him to submit the details for the order as soon as possible but the buyer wasn’t responded, I was waiting for hem a few days after that I sent reminders a few more times. But he wasn’t responded, so I decided to contact the Fiverr support team and explain the issue regarding the order I was aking them for a solution for this but the Fiverr support team has been canceled the order. I was satisfied cause it wasn’t affected for my ratings.

But the sad story begins now, according to the Fiverr analytic’s overview since the day that Fiverr support team canceled my order my GIG impressions and sales have been started to dropping down day by day. I got more than 3 orders per day before this coincidence. It has happened a month ago until now I didn’t get any single order. I used to ask Fiverr support team by mentioning this issue but they were unable to provide me a meaningful solution for the issue.

The important thing is it’s impossible to handle a customer if a customer not responding to messages, That’s why I contact the Fiverr support team, and they have been canceled the order. That wasn’t my fault if that it was the reason to drop my sales that weren’t fair for the sellers on Fiverr.

As a seller, we put a lot of efforts and time to become successful on Fiverr It’s not that easy. If this was happened due to the Fiverr system error or something else, they must be able to update it or handle it proper way without affecting both parties buyers and sellers, either they need to pay their attention even when I launched a complaint regarding this issue, without providing usual respond regarding the dropping sales on Fiverr.

I believe that Fiverr is a competitive market place that usually goes up and down sales on Fiverr sellers, but I don’t believe that competency dropped my sales. If this was happened due to competency I can give more competence that’s not a problem. But I believe that this could be another reason.

I don’t understand what to do with this, If this was happened due to some kind of Fiverr system error that really unfair for the sellers on Fiverr. Fiverr need to pay more attention like this matters.

I would like if someone leaves their feedback on this. If I was misunderstood about the Fiverr system I really apologize for my misunderstanding.


That’s not a sad story at all. You were lucky to be able to get orders from the beginning and be able to build your reputation. Some sellers waiting for months for their first order.

Fiverr rotates gigs and we all have quiet periods and booming periods. Fiverr doesn’t guarantee to always rank your gig high and might not be connected to cancellations at all.

If you need more orders and don’t want to wait or rely on fiverr algorithm then you should start promoting and marketing your services to gain your client base.


What you are experiencing has happened to many sellers recently. Read this to learn more.


Thanks for your feedback, I was concerned because my sales doped since the order cancellation by Fiverr support team according to the analytic overview. If that was the reason to drop the sales that weren’t fair and really concerned. Otherwise, it’s no problem if that happened periodically. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Actually it’s happened to me and another my friend too, But when I search my gig from my fiend’s seller account then I can see my GIG properly. I think it’s normal for everyone.

In the thread I posted the sellers said would see their gigs in a different placement than those in the thread who checked for them. Fiverr must shift the gigs often.

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No, a sad story is when a puppy dies. It isn’t a sad story that a marketplace isn’t doing you a favor. Fiverr doesn’t owe you sales.

Yes things aren’t totally within our control in a marketplace, but that is the nature of being in a marketplace. You shouldn’t have asked Fiverr for a solution because they don’t owe you one.

Instead of trying to get us to feel sorry for you, why not ask WHY your gigs aren’t selling and learn about how to deal with competition? You aren’t a victim. You are responsible for your success. When business is slow, you adapt. You don’t do the same thing expecting a different result.


Oh man! you don’t even know what sad stories are. I believe you’ve never been called a “satan mad seller” and got your one and only order cancelled :joy:


Every time I read this type of rant, I can’t help but wonder what they’ll be doing if they had a shoe store on a Mall and clients stopped buying from them, or sales didn’t go as before. Would they be blaming the Mall owners because other shoe stores were having clients and selling more than them? Would they be demanding the Mall owners to force people to only buy on their shoe store and nowhere else?

As much as I try, people thinking they are the world’s navel never cease to amaze me… :roll_eyes:


Great analogy.

Entitlement is the path to failure. And entitled business people don’t evolve. They don’t strive to understand their target market and what they need. These things mean people don’t buy, so why would a marketplace support it?

It’s frustrating when people don’t take initiative to understand business and become accountable. They think about what they want, not about what their clientele wants.


Couldn’t agree more with both of these points. Honestly, it gets boring coming onto the forum each day only to be inundated with people complaining that the system isn’t fair, or asking for “tips and tricks” to try and game the system.

One thing that I think is missing from about 80 to 90% of the people who sell on Fiverr (certainly of the forum users) is the understanding that they, as sellers, sit at one end of the process, and at the other end of the process is a buyer… and that this buyer is a real person, with a real problem they need solving, or a real challenge they need help dealing with.

Once you start to think about buyers as being regular people just like you and I, only with a conundrum that they’re looking to the answer for, this all becomes a lot easier.


Absolutely! So, so, so many people treat Fiverr like a job. They expect a paycheck just for showing up.


Very well said. Probably 99.9% of complaint-oriented questions in this forum are asking how sellers can get what they want. Very few, if any, people, ask market-related questions.


And this is because 90% of Fiverr’s “sellers” look at themselves as that, as a seller working for an employer and not as a business owner - their business.

I really, really think none of them know what freelance mean, are freelancers or even own a business.


“So, so, so many people treat Fiverr like a job. They expect a paycheck just for showing up.”

Definitely. Or they’ll assume that if they tick all the boxes, sales are inevitable and owed to them ie: I posted on social media, used all the right SEO tags, have five-star reviews, so why am I not getting sales?

You don’t get sales because you completed tasks. You get sales because you’re clearly credible and in demand and you provide solutions to problems that aren’t otherwise being solved. You can’t bypass that by doing a bunch of tasks. Fiverr is going to favor what drives the most profit, not hand out gold stars to sellers to buyers for completing tasks.

Tasks are only successful when they are strategic and connect people to things they want.

"And this is because 90% of Fiverr’s “sellers” look at themselves as that, as a seller working for an employer and not as a business owner - their business.

I really, really think none of them know what freelance mean, are freelancers or even own a business."

Excellent insight, @maitasun. They see ranking as a kind of benefit.


It’s never a good idea to expect the same results month after month. You can’t expect August to reap you the same rewards as July.


Actually, I think that you weren’t understood what I was talking about by the way thank you for your feedback…! :grinning:

I’d work on your English and proofread. I have no idea what you are trying to say to me.

First of all I must say you are lucky person. You got orders from the start. I don’t think this is true though. Order cancellation is a problem of cause it will effect on your ratings. But I don’t think that is the only reason that you have no sales. Everybody here experience a dry time as I know. I have faced few by now. No single message for few weeks. I only got orders from old buyers those days.

So my point is don’t think this is happening because of the order cancellation issue. I cancelled many orders (Some myself and most by CS). But I still get orders and my impression and clicks are fine. May be your gig placement changed. I suggest you to do some social sharing and BR to attract some buyers

Good luck to you

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No, they understood exactly what you were talking about. Entitlement is not a productive concept to base a business upon. If you want sales, you are going to have to earn them. Fiverr does not owe you anything – they do not owe you sales, and they do not owe you a top spot in the search results. You earn your sales by engaging in great marketing, reaching out to your target customers, and maintaining an eye-catching gig that people need.

YOU earn your success, Fiverr is not going to give it to you for free.