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I was told my artist wanted to cancel. It seems like she was mad I was low budget.

She refused to do my order even after I have her a free hand. My first artist was not at all like this and very helpful.

I am not sure I will use fiverr if its going to be like this.


I am sorry to hear this, but don’t let one sour the entire pot. There will be other sellers who are willing to go above and beyond to help you and ensure you’re satisfied. If they cancel, see it as a sign that your money is better spent elsewhere. Take a look around and ask a few sellers first.

You’ll know when you get the right one! :slight_smile:

But don’t be discouraged!


I can offer some tips although I don’t know if they will help. I would suggest sending messages before ordering. Not every seller or buyer would agree with me on this. I find that when I am on the buyer side, I can get a good idea of how things will go with a message. If the seller doesn’t appear interested in working with me on my budget or doesn’t offer anything for a $5 gig that I can sample, I don’t place an order.

One other thing - some sellers on Fiverr are very comfortable with what they offer as a service and others are dabbling at something new. Those who are less comfortable tend to fear a “free hand” since they simply don’t know what to do with it. Others who are very skilled still would rather have explicit instructions because they don’t want to spend lots of time experimenting only to get a bad rating. If you are the type of buyer that wants to give an artist a free hand, this is yet another reason to message them first and see if they like working under those conditions.

I am not an artist, but I can give you examples as a writer. When I write for new buyers I like them to give me complete instructions on what they want. Once they’ve purchased from me once or twice and I have an idea of what they like, some will start giving me a topic but otherwise letting me run with it. By then I know they will either be happy with the work, will give me a chance to do a brief revision, and will pay for another gig if I’m going to have to put more than a few minutes into the revision.

Fiverr is a bargain but that means bother buyers and sellers have to develop a bit of thick skin and communicate to get things done. If it isn’t working out, it shouldn’t be a big deal to take a cancel and just hire someone else that fits your needs better.