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Saddle up partner! Any tips would be mighty appreciated! 🤠

After a whole lot of time, effort, and investment (and quite a few cuts, scrapes, and rashes along the way), I’ve just expanded my gig offerings and am deciding to take advantage of where I am.

Actually living in the California foothills where cowboys and prospectors once roamed gave me the inspiration to create two cowboy themed video gigs; one spokesperson themed and the other more meme and celebration inclined.

Any critiques, suggestions, or insight would be greatly appreciated! :cowboy_hat_face:

The setup for these gigs was incredibly involved and required so many pieces of equipment and accessories; I hope the effort is evident to see.

Last time I did one of these threads, it kind of was a bust, and I know a bunch of forum regulars intentionally avoid the “Improve My Gig” section because it is swamped with repetitive content, but hopefully some gentle-hearted cowpokes will chime in!



Well, y’all answered whether you’d sing Big Iron songs. You were doin’ pretty nicely there. If you done get the music, I’ll mix ya.

My only real concern is it seems so cheap for the effort of dragging yourself outside. AND what if it rains for a week, or two? It does here in Oz.



Thankfully, it’s California, :sunglasses: so I only have a few months out of the entire year to worry about rain or snow, but that’s why the standard deadline is 5 days.

I realize that is it a whole lot of effort involved at that starting price, but would just like to round up some reviews before making a necessary price change.


I understand on both. They really look good. Great presentation.


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Thank you kindly! But, being overly critical of my own work, I’ve noticed a bit too much sibilance using my MKH 416 shotgun mic (a common issue I’ve had using this mic) so I’m going to run all the audio through a de-esser to make it a bit easier on the ears.

Recording in the outdoors brings up so many acoustic issues…

You know what? No one cares.

I have bands who go on for months on end about their gear. No one cares what they play. People only care if they play a rockin’ tune. All that energy that goes into gear obsession could have gone into more rockinfulness of tunes :wink:

Yes I hear what you say, but really, don’t get worried as anyone contacting you to say how you are :poop: because ye dinnae de-ess drastically or how your 416 is inferior to the 415 Mk67.568794215858795412335485 is just being a jerk.

You have a clever idea. Play that, not anything else.


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I understand the tune you are fiddling, but since I already have the overkill equipment, might as well make it sound as good as I can make it. :nerd_face:

Anyway, it’s good practice for me to establish which editing processes I need to do for audio for these particular gigs with my particular gear.

Well, I took the time de-ess all the audio, re-render the videos, and re-compress the videos so they are under 50 megabytes and are acceptable to Fiverr.

It would be great if video size was bumped up to 100, but gotta work within the boundaries that are given.

Not sure if the “Greeting Cards & Videos” category is the best fit for my second gig, but I’m not sure if the alternatives are any better. The “Celebrity impersonators” category doesn’t have many gigs in it, but I don’t “look” like any particular celebrity. And the “Viral Videos” category is filled with dancers, models, and Jesus. I might make a change in the future. :thinking:

I like that you took a hard look at what was available to you and took advantage of that to create new, fresh Gig ideas.

I need to do the same when I get some time.

The methodology you employed is a good lesson to us all.

Way to make some lemonade!

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Thank you kindly!

Before making the decision to invest so much into creating these gigs, I absolutely checked if there were other sellers offering a similar service.

Lo and behold I only found two in all of Fiverr who offered remotely similar cowboy style video service; one inside his house with a fake mustache skillfully playing a banjo, and another who stands in front of a plain white wall with a shirt and hat. On the other hand, there are far more “cowboy voice over” gigs that occupy the platform.

I know the cowboy theme is a limiting niche, but it is a well known and popular niche that’s far from being oversaturated on Fiverr. Hopefully, I can carve out my own little corner of business! :cowboy_hat_face:

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