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Sadly, I think I'm about to get my very first 1-star review (UPDATE)

And it’ll happen under this blind review system too.

The Buyer is not specifically explaining why she’s so unhappy and the number of ALL-CAPS messages are increasing. She claims I neglected contact information for her office but it’s there if you watch the whole video. I sent a demo of the contact info scene itself and she complained I sent her an incomplete video - when I clearly stated it was a demo of the final contact info scene and not the whole video.

I have a feeling she’s ignoring the order and only seeing what’s in the conversation messages now. I referred her to the order and asked her to check but she’s totally upset with the one demo scene. I’m like… what the heck?

It’s one misunderstanding after another and spiraling out of control. It’s very upsetting.

I think this is one of those situations where I’ll just need to cancel the order.

Maybe for things like that you could overlay text on the video that says it’s showing a particular scene only. Or maybe you could send a screenshot of the frame in the video where contact info is shown.

You could offer to cancel if you think it’s best, but you could just need to explain to the user the different things and stay polite to them. Explain any issues they have etc.

In the worst case scenario, you will get a 1-Star review.

However, before it happens, you have the opportunity to talk to the client again, categorically explain the situation and ask her if she needs a revision: you would offer it.

You already are a Level Two Seller with enough number of five-star reviews, so I am sure, a single bad buyer won’t affect your progress on Fiverr.

Besides, even if the client leaves a one-star review, you have the opportunity to write your side of the story–no matter it is a blind review system but this would be the real story, not based on her review about the experience.

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You may also take a screenshot of the order page “where that part of the conversation happened” and send it to her in the conversation/chat/messages section.

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That’s one thing I haven’t tried yet. Thanks!

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UPDATE: So it turns out she really was confused by the order vs conversation (Many of my clients are not Internet Savvy).

She was able to see all the videos and even said they were perfect.

Now I’ll need to walk her through the social media uploading process. Yikes! :sweat_smile: