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Safari display issues since site changes

Is anyone else experiencing the Fiverr website displaying incorrectly on Safari since the recent changes to the Fiverr site?

Yes, I know I can use other browsers such as Chrome, and yes I know I can use the Fiverr app… but I’m an Apple user and I have all my favourites and security options setup on Safari.

For example, I just went to respond to a custom order request. Not only did the response box display incorrectly but I was unable to type a reply.


I am on Mac too but use Chrome.

I have just opened site in Safari but didn’t notice anything strange. The messages are shown correctly and I can type a reply.


Thanks for replying. It must be my MacBook then!

The site displays fine in Chrome but looks a bit odd in Safari for me.

I use chrome but haven’t face any problem yet.

I’m having the same problem. Text is all jumbled. I’m on a Mac Pro and I had these problems with safari before and after the latest (safari) update.