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Safe or Scam?


I just joined today so Im not sure if this is a scam or a regular thing here… a guy asked me to download whatsapp so I could send photos faster and he could get me more orders. But that just doesnt seem right… isnt using the app how you get paid?


This is a scam (most likely) and in either case, you are not allowed to communicate with buyers outside of Fiverr. Simply tell your buyer this and report him if he presses you further.


It’s a scam. Contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden, not to mention that you have to deliver through the Fiverr order page, otherwise you won’t get paid.

Another similar scam is buyers asking you to contact them through Skype (or email, or by phone…) for quicker communication, there will be a lot of work, you’ll get many orders… If it’s a new buyer, you can give them the benefit of the doubt (unless they send such a request through an attachment, then it’s obvious they know that they’re breaking the rules) and politely tell them that it’s against Fiverr’s Terms of Service; if they keep insisting, pretending that in their particular case it’s not rule breaking (it is), report them.