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Safest way to take a few days off?

I’ve been swamped with orders and haven’t had a day off in 4 weeks! I am starting to consider suspending my gigs or using vacation mode for a few days so I can have a bit of a break. I have heard horror stories about vacation mode, with glitches and gigs taking weeks to recover their rankings after a vacation. I assume suspending gigs would result in the same ranking issues, because they would no longer be getting clicks, orders, etc. So, which is the lesser of the two evils? What has your experience been? Am I relatively safe if I just use it for a couple days?

Thanks in advance.


I’m all ears for different suggestions as well.

Set your delivery time to 28 days.

Well, the horror stories mainly come from the early days of this feature when people would lose their gigs, lose their rankings for good, lose their clients, etc.

However, this feature has been improved a lot throughout the years, and even though I went through those early horror stories myself, I kept my hopes high and I decided to still use it - and guess what: no problems at all :slight_smile:

Here’s the thing:

  • if you have a lot of regular clients, you could suspend your gigs and dodge the horror stories, knowing that once you’re back your regulars will be back, too :wink:

  • if you don’t have enough regulars to keep you and your services in good shape, and still rely on new buyers, I’d recommend vacation mode because, well, buyers will get a button to be notified of when you’re back so that they can place an order.

I’ve had plenty of new buyers who clicked that “notify” button when I was in vacation mode, and as soon as I disabled vacation mode I had a flow of new buyers coming in very quickly.

And even if you don’t have any buyers coming in quickly after you disable vacation mode, it shouldn’t take more than a day or two to get back in the game (lately it’s been even quicker for me). If it takes one or two days, consider it a method of smoothing your entrance back to the Fiverr game by not letting everyone jump on you as soon as you disable that vacation mode :smiley:

P.S. I heard that disabling vacation mode puts your gigs back on search a lot quicker than if you had suspended/enabled them :wink: I haven’t suspended my gigs for a long time, so I don’t know if that’s true or false…


I also need to know that issue
Wait for expert answer

I’ve just come back from vacation mode - got a couple of orders very quickly.

Take the time off if you need it! :sunny:


I’ve been too scared to try Vacation Mode. You could try extending your delivery time like ducnomo said.

If you go for Vacation Mode, let us know how your return trip goes. I’ve always been interested in knowing if gigs are revived quickly :slight_smile:

The best way is! Add the no of days you will be on leave to your current delivery time!
I always follow this, because it does not affects my rankings and I can use Fiverr app on mobile and can reply in vacations too, also I get my time required for delivery as i already raised it :slight_smile:

I highly recommend extending your turnaround time. Vacation mode is risky, at best, but lengthening out your lead time allows you to accept new orders and customers are thankful you’re still available. Loyal buyers will most likely wait too. I always give them a heads up in the inbox so they know what to expect.

Also, be sure to make it clear on your gigs what your turnaround time is to avoid issues.

In my experience, adding to my delivery time does slow down orders but as soon as I’m back from vacation I lower my turnaround in about half and orders come rushing in.

Good luck!

increase your gig pricing rate to four times more.
this will also help to increase in impressions.
i do not like vacation mode because it pause our gig.
Our gig will not be visible to any one then
if you are turning vacation mode on for more than a weak then your gig’s impressions,clicks and views goes down and take 1 or 2 weaks more to recover and increase as before

You can use limit orders option.Extend delivery time and limit 1 order in queue


I was on vacay mode for a few weeks, my gigs showed up in search faster than I thought. Phew! Honestly, I thought I would be up :poop: creek without a paddle. :rofl:
However, I quickly scored 3 orders. Enjoy your vacay! :tropical_drink:


Great suggestion. I just decided to try changing my rates! I thought this is a perfect time to experiment with increasing my prices. If the prices are too high for the market, then I’ll get my break. If they aren’t, I’ll learn that I can increase my prices so they better reflect the value of my work :slight_smile:


yeah this method is good :heart_eyes:

Last time I went for a 10days holiday,
I paused all gigs that I think I couldn’t do in hotel environment;
I put a 10-days longer delivery to all gigs that I think I still could try in hotel but not sure;
I sent a note to regular buyer;
Then I changed my Profile description with first sentence telling the period I may not accessing fiverr, but can discuss.
During the holiday I did get one very easy job that I could do it quickly and on time.

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As someone who had to take a few days off due to a broken hand the best way is to just raise the prices - a lot.

Try to do a team and let other sellers do the work, how about that? :thinking:

Actually vacation mode is better choice.

I have set vacation mode multiple times.

and so far i did not see any loss of customers. I used to get the same number of customers and to date i get same.

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I would, but there aren’t many sellers at my price level that are able to deliver work I would be happy giving to my clients.

Excellent post, @Woofy31! :clap::clap::clap: