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Saftey - Sharing website login in with Potential Sellers


New here so I am trying to read up on how to protect my accounts/information and still get a job done by a Fiverr Seller:
I need some modifications on my website but if I give out my account info to get into the Wordpress dashboard couldn’t they hijack my account or something else?
I contacted a couple of Sellers that provide modification services but a couple have responded asking me for my website login information.
I believe I read somewhere on Fiverr that we are not supposed to give out this kind of info, but how can the changes be made then? Thanks in advance as I’d greatly appreciate some advice from members of this forum.


I apologize, I put this post in the wrong place Sorry!


If you are using Wordpress simply make a backup of your site prior to hiring someone and when you order give them your website log in BUT NEVER YOUR CPANEL LOG IN DETAILS FOR YOUR SERVER. If you do the above the seller you work with will only be able to access your website and not the physical server it is sitting on. In a worst case scenario where a seller ruins your website or attempts to hijack it, all you have to therefore do is delete WordPress from your server, reinstall Wordpress and restore your website from your backup file.


It’s ok to share a login if you have to, but only share that kind of necessary information AFTER you have purchased the gig, not before.


Hi Cyaxrex,

I have daily backups of my new site that is not ready for launching and need help with choosing my colors so I am thinking of hiring someone on Fiverr. Question: What is the difference between Website login and Cpanel Log in? I am new at this? Are they found in two different spots?



cPanel provides access to your web host’s control panel. In most cases, you don’t need to give access to it. If you have a decent host and you need help with cPanel then your host will help you.

If your site is running on Wordpress, then you can give access only to
(If you haven’t set up Wordpress yet, then check the user guides from your host)

If you don’t know much about web development then pick a few developers you like and ask them what they will do and how they will do it. In most cases you’ll be able to tell if you’re dealing with someone who learned web development yesterday from Youtube or your questions are answered by a professional.
Don’t hire a web dev on the spot, interview them first :wink:


Excellent answer 5 stars! Thank you Uxreview.


Btw ~ UX is a web developer. Just sayin’ :slightly_smiling_face: