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Sagst mir wo die Tippen sind

This is a safe space for German speakers.


It is based of an old Marlene Dietrich song “Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind” (where are the flowers).

On there are no flowers here, just dead tips for miles and miles and miles.

Probably should have gone for the sag’, but I think I’ll get away with ti…

Actually the title should say: “Sag mir wo die Tipps sind”

If you on the other hand refer to tips (you know the money you leave on the table for the waiter) the the title would have to say “Sag mir wo die Trinkgelder sind” (plural) or “Sag mir wo das Trinkgeld ist” (singular).

Just so you know.

Damit Du bescheid weißt :slight_smile:

Die Tippen certainly aren’t in Business Copywriting, that’s for sure - not in my neck of the woods, anyway. Personally, I think the whole Tippen thing is just a myth, instigated by rouge Fiverr employees.

This would be a substantiated fact except that would remove the roguishness and the rougeness (yes, they blush) of the entire thing. Therefore, it is unsubstantiated.

You have a point.
But, back to the question of Die Tippen…
My new theory is that Emma’s on to something, and the Germans are getting all the Tippen,Tipps,Trinkgeld…(whatever they call them.)

Hey i wanna be german, can i ?

You can be anything you like you on Fiverr. This is where men are girls; girls are girls and everyone is a nubile young woman from the United States trying to mek sales. No flowers though, sorry.

Yes, but you’ll be required to take on the German characteristics of being hard-working and highly disciplined.
After all, this is why they’re getting all the Tippen.

Markp brings up a good point about the nubile young women.
I think it’s the nubile young German women getting all the tips.

Safe from what?

Well, we have a German moderator. Perhaps she can tell us, although she will probably not tell us.

@ANNAI80 - Do Germans get all the Tippengoldeggens?

Wie wird das Wasser spielen Sie auf Affen?

And I´d been wondering, if it was Bavarian and the ‘Tippen’ a typo for ‘Tipsen’, and the whole thing a request for German secretaries - good I read further than the headline LOL

Hmm, no answer.

She’s not talking.

Well, that settles the matter then!

@mariokluser is absolutely right. ;).

I do get tips but I am sure there are many sellers from other countries who get more tips :wink:

But Emma was asking where the legit Tips were for sellers. I don’t think she was referring to tips (money).

I think that she was secretly referring to money while pretending to refer to the other tips. She’s sneaky like that. You did not respond to my German, however. I’m not sure why, since I wrote all of the German words I could think of at the moment so it must have said something. I don’t recall what most of those words mean.

Too soon! :wink:

Maybe from @emmaki herself? I mean, it’s her thread. Perhaps she was saying that she would only steal candy from German babies outside this thread, but never inside it. I haven’t seen a German baby with candy posting yet, so I’m not certain.