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Sale decreased after getting level 2 badge


When I saw the notification that I got promoted to level 2, i could not sleep whole night.:joy: Few days passed and my sale stat also decreased. Still i have been struggling. Here is my gig link https://■■■■■■/THdGJV could you help me with your valuable suggestion? Thank you.


We cannot help you get more sales. You’re going to have to do that on your own.

Have you read the Fiverr TOS, the help section, and the Fiverr blog? If you want to be a better seller, those are the resources you need to read.


This is a great place to ask your question.

Many of us experienced a drop in sales once we reached level-2. This may be because:

Fiverr’s allocation of first-page exposure to gigs of each level leaves level-2 sellers fighting more competition for spots than we did as level-1 sellers.

Americans perceive level-1 to be better than level-2, and American’s make up over half of Fiverr’s buyers. Fiverr didn’t think that out.

Your promotion coincided with the US Thanksgiving holiday, which affected all of our sales.

To improve your sales, I would suggest these enhancements, some of which are minor:

Reduce your use of all-caps in your package descriptions. It is difficult to read.

Periodically add new gigs (somewhat different than your current ones), which will garner additional exposure in Fiverr’s current rotation (for perhaps the first few days they are new). If something doesn’t sell in a week, eliminate it and create something else new.

Above all, experiment with increasing your base price to $10, or even $25. In my own experience, this increased my sales, helping me to be perceived as a premium provider. Very importantly, it improved my search rankings, which I personally believe are based on revenue per impression. In other words, the more money you are making for Fiverr, the more they will show you in their search (which is obvious).

If you ask buyers - and I have made almost 400 Fiverr purchases this year - 90% of them will tell you that they would rather pay $20 for a great logo than $5 for mediocre one. And remember, if they are looking at your logo gig, they already believe you are the one to make them a great logo. I am convinced that Fiverr will reward you if you charge them for it.

Best of success to you. You are very talented. :slight_smile:


Thank you sir, you are awesome.