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Sale Gig using Facebook or Google Add

Hello everyone
i am new in fiverr.So this is directed towards successful sellers on Fiverr.
How can i sale more gig using facebook or google add? How can i target main client for my gig?
it will be great help for me. Please share your opinion.


Hi, don’t use google or facebook ads, i don’t know about google ads, but i used facebook ads before and my gig got removed from the fiver search, hope others can clarify this more

I’ve tried that, not sure if it’s worth it. You may create a landing page -or hire someone on Fiverr to do one for you- and embed there a Fiverr badge or a Fiverr Everywhere custom offer. Go to My Sales --> Promote your business. You will find them there.

thanks for your information but i am not yet clear

it will be great tip .thanks

i see many people use facebook add.

I am also want to know how people use their social media

I use facebook and share 500 posts per day. There is some order, I gathered positive reviews that will help in the future.

thanks a lot for your information.Can you please share your experience details.

This is not only you man but all the new sealer want to know about this.

I only share on facebook groups continuously. Gigs I still have orders to date.

can you please tell us which groups you use?

No. you must perform their own analysis. Our seo experts do not give the secret recipe to anyone