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Sale has been reduced for the last couple of months


Hi fiverrers…My sales has been reduced for couple of months, I don’t know the reason. I have done all the usual promotional things even paid ads on facebook, but no use. My gig impressions and clicks has been highly reduced.


same here. I have been facing this issue since 1st January. I think less buyers are using fiverr after christmas.


There are couple of internal factors and few external factors for this.

One internal factor is the messaging system is being worked on due to some issues since last few days.

External factors being, it’s a New Year, a new quarter, so everything’s on the grind for a bit.

Another thing is, graphics people had a boom due to the holiday demands.

And if you go way back a few months for lack in sales, that was another internal factor.


I have been working here for miorethan 3 years, i never experienced this before