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Sale in progress in "Manage Sales" but no task in the "Dashboard"


Hey guys, I’m having a little problem here and was thinking if anybody could help me. I just got an order a few hours ago, I got the mobile notification. But there was no email notification, which is not usual. When I checked the website I didn’t have any notification there either, there was nothing in the dashboard, but when I check the “manage sales” I saw the sale in progress. Can someone clear this up to me?


Arslan I guess, seller placed the order but forgot to give requirements of starting an order… but that might be wrong as I am not sure…


He placed the requirements and did everything. Still the order doesn’t appear in the dashboard or in the active orders in the Analytics page


There has been a bit of a bug the last few days, where the dashboard has lagged behind everything else.

Just go with what’s in ‘manage sales’.


Alright Thanks a lot guys :wink: