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Sale slowed down very much


Hello there
A few days back i got promoted to levl 1bur than unfirtunately my top selling gig got deleted. I had some repeating clients so i started new gig and got first few (9) reveiws on the new gig
Than i am facing lottts of slowness in orders mean i am not getting any order at all no messages no orders i am frustrated
Can anyone help?


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Why is your gig deleted?


Denied by TOs team even though the images were oriogional and my very own design and visualizations (they mentioned the design and image is not orgional designer’s)


If you have vector/source files, they can bring it back.


Yes i have the source file but i didnt know thT it can be recovered and i deleted that from denied gig
Can it still be recovered?


Omg, why you do that? Why you not contact support and try everything? Your gig is deleted but not parmanently. You could ask support team and ask him for approve, and then send files.

I think, that gig can’t be recovered after you deleted it, but you can contact support and ask them.


Its becoming really hard for me , I had no idea that it could be recoveted i thought its bots there on customer support panel because they nevr solved any of my issue till date


Yes it can be recovered. 15 days agoo, I create new account and deactivate old. I create gig with the same images which I use on old account. After 10 minutes, my gig is deleted with message “Not original images/designer”

I think that is maybe system mistake and i create second gig with the same images, after 3 mins they delete my gig with the same message and notice if I do that again my account will be suspended. And after that, I contact support and tell them that are my images, and they ask me to send them source/vector files for approve. I send them and they recover my gig.