Sales Analytics - Question about Reviews statistics


Probably around the Forum is the answer of this but, I could not find it :frowning:

So, my story is this one:

I did sale three (3) Gigs so far. The 3 buyers has give me thumbs up and wrote down good reviews that are shown on my gig page but, when I got to Sales Analytics It shows 1 positive review and 2 as not rated.

So, is this a bug or actually the buyers maybe did not rate me completely ?

Thank you so much for reading any comments much appreciated.



It’s like this for me too. I don’t know why, but the ratings/ good reviews never all show up on my analytics page. It always says I have less feedback than I really do.

Don’t worry about it. The buyers can still see all 3 of your positive feedback when they look at your gig.

Good luck selling!


Reply to @cassysailermoon: Alright I wont worry about that! Yep buyer will see the real number of reviews :slight_smile:

Hopefully it is only this little bug and nothing else.

Thanks for your response. :slight_smile: