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Sales are dramatically decreasing - what's going on?

My sales decreased almost to 1 order/day (maybe to zero in next days). I checked other Level 2 sellers and even Top sellers, and I noticed that many of them delivered fewer orders than 2-4 days ago. Also I saw that these days Fiverr made some changes on them interface (for example they had some problems with some non-clickable gigs, in default search was set first the “High Rating” category, but now it was replaced by “Recommended” category; and Fiverr staff added the “Recently Viewed” category).

New opinions and suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

@whitehatseo10 You can find a lot of the same threads as of pretty recent. I noticed that my impressions have significantly decreased in the past few months for some reason. I believe Fiverr changed something around. Less views = less sales

No opinions?

Well, I don’t see decrease in orders, but I think it is related to your niche. A lot of people got disappointed with SEO gigs and sellers who dont’ delivering what they promise. I’m one of the disappointed buyers…

It doesn’t mean that your services are bad. People are more careful, I think. Of course, this is just an opinion of mine.

Reply to @wadsolutions: I’m interested in WHY you were disappointed.

What did the SEO-Gig Seller promise you… and what did you get instead?


Great opinion. I also wrote to Fiverr Support and Fiverr communities (forum + LinkedIn group), that in SEO category, many spammers are Top Sellers and in time Fiverr will get a negative reputation, but… it seems nobody cares.

Reply to @whitehatseo10: By “spammers” do you mean they spam the Forum here, send unwanted promotional messages to new buyers, etc?

Or do you mean something different by “spammers” for instance, that their SEO Gigs are actually spam in disguise?


Used to average 15 a day.

I am now lucky if I hit 2 a day.

Reply to @ryangillam: Thanks for the numbers, Ryan, but…

“Used to” means a year ago? Or a month ago?


Reply to @regency85: about 2 weeks ago

Reply to @ryangillam: Oh, ok.

Must be because of the long weekend we’re heading into here… and Canada being the World’s Leading Nation - but of course! :smiley:

(Purely unbiased opinion there… :wink: :wink: )

Seriously, Ryan, isn’t 2 weeks a bit short of a timeframe to judge? I mean, doesn’t sales volume bounce up and down severly, monthly, here on Fiverr?


I have also seen quite a decrease in ordering volume even though I market like crazy. Not sure what is going on. I have also messaged an editor to try to get a handle on what has changed.

Yes, Even Im facing drop in sales. whats wrong with fiverr?

Reply to @regency85: I refere to spammers that have black hat gigs, who offer very low quality (or non-quality) gigs.

Hmmm… maybe is something wrong with the latest changes of Fiverr searching algorithms…

I’ve had a significant drop in orders as well as of the last week. I averaged about 5 - 8 orders per night for over 3 months then this week my orders dropped to 1 every other day. Ouch!

I think it’s because they started up advertising other people’s gigs at the bottom of our gigs "People who bought this gig also bought…"

It’s a great way to take buyers away from YOUR gig and confuse them so they buy nothing. Did the drop in sales happen when they started doing this? Not sure when they started advertising competitors gigs on our gigs but it’s not a good idea for anyone.

it might be the fact that your gigs audience is not that big because of the content .

Happens to me all the time, not everyone needs "i will give you a potato " gigs.

Best of luck!

Sales have now dropped from an average of 8 a day for 2 years (I keep a record of all of the sales I receive and have done since I signed up) to being lucky to hit 2 over the past couple of weeks.

My competitors sales appear to be up (despite tons of negative) and there I am, zero negative, just languishing with zero sales.