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Sales are dramatically decreasing - what's going on?


Not a big drop for me. I’ve been a little bussy with some personal issues, so I’ve been delivering less orders than usual for the last week or so. However, orders are coming in as usual.

Maybe a little, little drop (like 2 or 3 orders less per day than usual), but that’s normal here on Fiverr. Some weeks I average 30 orders a day, some weeks I average 25 or 20.

Just relax and enjoy the unexpected vacation. :smiley:

I will update if things get really bad.


Reply to @kjblynx: Congrats!


Reply to @misscrystal: It’s very possible that this to be an important reason for our dropping sales.


Reply to @ryangillam: same to me!


Any (bad/good) news?


This happened to me last year for about 3 weeks… But right now, my sales are going through the roof… for about the last month. Just had my busiest day ever a few days ago… can barely get any sleep… but it’s all good. Of course, the key is building up loyal returning customers…and if you DO sell a crappy SEO or Facebook likes gig… it’s more than likely those customers will not return when there “likes” disappear…


As I was reading through this thread, I was thinking, this happened last year, at just about the same time. Because I was new, I couldn’t really judge, except that I’d been making regular sales from the start, which suddenly stopped for about 2 to3 weeks, after which my sales continued on nicely. So when I noticed a drop-off last week, I wondered if this was going to be an annual slump. But maybe it’s just me!

Some people seem to be doing really well, though, so unless Fiverr is willing to share numbers for the whole site with us, we can only speculate and talk amongst ourselves~


Also, in my case, this period is very similar with the sales volume from the same period of last year (at that time I had less than 2 months experience on Fiverr).


Sales shot up on the 21st (about 40 new orders when I combine all the gigs). Had to pause the gig after, but tons of messages requesting me to unpause it. Seems to be a good thing!


Lots and lots of orders today (Friday). Sales are through the roof right now. :-bd

I don’t know why some people are experiencing a decline in orders. There is clearly a lot of traffic in the site. :-?


Reply to @s_sayan & @ryangillam : Congrats! Let’s hope the sales will increase to that to the rest of us…


I hope this works for me too :slight_smile:


Reply to @s_sayan: Not as much as there used to be. Impressions have decreased quite significantly over the past few months. If less people are seeing your gig = less orders


Ok, sales are finally slow for me today. I can see big changes in the search engine. When sorting by rating, there are many gigs that weren’t up there before. And of course, many gigs that were up there, now are nowhere to be found.

Luckily, my two best selling gigs are up there for most of my targeted keywords. However, sales have been down since yesterday. At first I thought it was because of the Memorial Day, but these changes could be the reason after all.

It’s really strange that even when my gigs are ranking well, the orders have decreased. And It’s not just me, but almost all the sellers in my category.

Let’s see how it goes. :-?


Reply to @brunettegrenade:

They used to be fine for me until today with the new changes in the system.


"It’s really strange that even when my gigs are ranking well, the orders have decreased."

Does anyone know when the ads for the competing gigs in the middle of your gig pages started?


Reply to @misscrystal:

The ads have been in beta for a few months. However, seems like they implemented this for everybody around a week ago.

I’m not sure if the ads are affecting sales because last Friday was a great day for me, and the ads were already there.



I think the main cause are the new implemented ads plus the latest changes into Fiverr’s searching algorithms.

Usually I get new sales via my old customers, and in a few days I get an order from a new customer.

More over, in my niche (SEO) many people arround the world learned that usually Fiverr SEO services = SPAM services, and that is a strong reason they try to stay away from Fiverr (many SEO forums contains negative feedbacks about Fiverr’s SEO services - and I’m not surprised since my main competitors are spammers that on Fiverr have the rank of TOP SELLERS).


Huge drop in sales over here. About a month ago I had like 38 orders in my queue and was getting more everyday. Now I am getting a sale every other day. My ranking doesn’t seem to have dropped. What gives?


In my case, since they removed the other sellers ads on my gigs, my sales have increased. Yesterday (Sunday) was a pretty good day (considering it was Sunday).

So I expect to get a lot of orders this week now that other sellers ads are gone from my gigs.

EDIT: Ads are back. Let’s see how it goes. :slight_smile: