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Sales are slowing down

Hello, I am having some slight trouble getting orders now.

Before this, I would have so many orders but then when I turned on vacation mode for about 3 weeks and turned it back on, my sales dropped and I have only made 1 sale this month.

How can I improve this?

My best advice, keep delivering the orders that you do receive, and deliver them to the best of your ability. Eventually, any sales levels that may have been lost can be recovered with good, strong, consistent work.

None of us sellers are guaranteed sales merely because we sell our services on Fiverr. So, focus on the sales that you do have, promote (elsewhere on the internet) to reach potential new customers, and be patient. Sales come and go. You just have to ride the wave and see where it takes you. :slight_smile:

hi i recommend not to turn in vacation mode ! it will impact your sales.just extend the time frame, this is advised by other sellers.vacation mode takes your gigs disappeared in the listing. recovery takes time

Reply to @jonbaas: I have made one more sale since this post which is good. I have had one person contact me, I don’t think he/she will proceed but at least it means I am relevant and can be found at least! :slight_smile: