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Sales are suuuuper slow


My sales are at an all-time low. I literally have 6 orders in queue.


How many orders you used to have in your queue when sales were not suuuuuper slow for you?


Like 30 lol, I used to make $2500+ a month and now I’m not because of the stupid algorithm thing that happened.


Uh…Then surely you are in short of orders.
I hope sales get grow for you soon.


Yeah the past 2 months have been bad. Really sucks I have to work my way up to the top again after this whole mess.


OMG!! … I am over the moon when I get atleast 1 in queue. 3 is like a dream…


No new order since 18 days :frowning: i was earning good but then this revolution destroyed my gigs i am searching myself between sellers with 20-30 reviews :frowning:


But I just checked astrology and readings and 3 of your gigs are shown on first page in recommended. So I think you are still doing amazing. Maybe the buyers of psychic just decreased this month as I also notice sudden drop in my sales.