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Sales around the Holidays


Has anyone else experienced a decline in sales toward the end of December (around Christmas) until now? This was my first holiday season here and have read that some people have had this happen before. I was doing pretty well at the end of November and beginning of December (I actually think December was my best month so far despite not doing much in the last week). I am just wondering if this is normal for sales to fall off then pick back up after the new year. Thanks everyone.


It’s gonna happen my friend people just aren’t sat at their computers or at work over the holidays. Like any business outside of the retail sector it’s a very quiet time. All will be rectified once the holidays are over.

My sales are down by 80%

Good luck in 2013 !


Wayne Austin


Phew…It wasn’t just me then. I was going nuts trying to optimise my Gigs. Got a couple of messages from potential buyers but that was about it.


Sales usually do go down at Christmas, summer as well. They will pick up again after the holidays are over. It’s nice to have a bit of a break over the holidays, so I don’t mind.


It depends on what your gigs are and how in demand they are. I suspended my gigs over Christmas, but I still had a waiting list with orders that came in after I re-opened everything.

But yes, most businesses experience a dry time after Christmas (and sometimes just before and/or during Christmas), retail especially. I have a shop on another site that I’ve maintained for a number of years, and the dry spells are always the same - right on a holiday (like Christmas) and in the summer, as a few people have already pointed out.

So nope, it’s not just you. :wink: Hang in there and keep optimizing, advertising, and all those other -ings that will make your gig great. :slight_smile: The sales will come!


I would have thought retail would have been high during the Christmas period. By retail, I’m talking about stores that sell things that are used as Christmas presents or for people looking for post-Christmas sales.

But, yes, there is usually a decline over-Christmas, depending on what you offer. I have a friend who’s busiest period is Christmas due to it being panto season but his quiet period (Feb-Apr) is part of my busy period as a writer.

On Fiverr, I would say Christmas and New Year are the quietest periods, unless you offer gigs especially for that time. I’ve never found a drop during the summer personally (apart from this summer when I suspended my gigs).

As others have said though, advertise and optimise and the buyers will come back.


God, no :'D I got so many orders I had to suspend my gig while I got everything in order, too! Though, I suppose that’s not particularly great, to be honest- getting orders on the 23rd saying “Please can you draw this for Christmas!” when you have a waiting time of 15 days isn’t the most uplifting thing in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose it depends on what kind of service you’re offering. Around Christmas time, people are going to be looking for more creative, gift-type gigs that they can give someone on Christmas. They’d be less focused on learning, advice or business logos or whatever. I think things will definitely pick up!


Reply to @boslass: I think it depends on the type of gig. Orders for your gigs might have been more for gifts while other gigs that are more business related probably took a little rest.