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Sales at an all time low

My sales have crashed!

How can my completion rating go up when I dont have any sales and the few I get, I complete them under 24 hours? Fiverr has now just become a place that dont care!

We never get to improve on the one rating that holds us back, its at 85% and we do every order under 24 hours now. Instead of the 3 days.

It falls from 88% to 83% with no orders? How can it fall? Why do the 5 star, 100% in every catorgory never matter? We have over 3k sales and can never get out of a level 1. when we do have 100% on everything, we still stay at level 1.

Why are sales crashed?


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Weren’t you ranting on another topic, too? Try some marketing, revamp your gigs, be patient. A lot of sellers didn’t even have the patience to make it to lvl 1. Keep moving forward, and you’ll be alright.


Hey there the ratings and stats you see are based on the performance in the last 60 days, so you need to keep up the good work to make a change in the ratings and stats :slight_smile:

It is definitely an individual thing you are facing, there are just more good motivated sellers here than ever, so it is important to allways be at 100% if you want to get ahead :slight_smile:
Best of luck, I hope you will be up there really soon!

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