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Sales Decline since Fiver 3.0, any suggestions?


I have a video editing gig and this month started great with the number of order I was getting.

However ever since the upgrades on the site I have seen a huge drop in order I am getting and also the number of views my gig gets now.

Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated.



New appearance is a problem for many users but it is introduced for benefits of all. I am also having problems in finding buyer requests in new site appearance. Many buttons are moved and i am trying to find them.

Quite funny, actually… I’ve gotten 2 buyers since the upgrade, and I never got any before that. lol

Reply to @nau098: I hope appreance is all that is changed not the search criteria like location based stuff. Cause that will be so unfair.

Reply to @matrixdevuk: Good to hear that. I hope it keeps up.

Reply to @mohd_bilal: Me too! I’ve pleased both my customers so far and I am very happy with my last one especially. They were extremely, EXTREMELY cooperative, told me exactly what they want. I even threw in a little bonus for them for a little delay I caused. :slight_smile:

Reply to @mohd_bilal: Just as I send that, they sent their review! Take a look at this!