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Sales decrease since 1/10?

Hi everyone? Any see like me, sales from gig are decrease very huge since begining of this month, i get easily 1,2 inbox everyday but now 2,3 days 1,2 inbox. Seem fiverr are updating something.

0 sales so far and my new gigs dont coming up when i search. The coming up in a third line when i click “load more”. Thats irritating when i did 2 new halloween gigs…and they dont show up on search!

I am also facing same problem. Even no new buyers requests for more than 28 hours.

don’t know what happen here :<


Fiverr is like Amazon. You offer a product. Amazon offers you the sexy global marketing audience–at a price, and on their terms.

My sales suck too, I didn’t get any for a week. I quite enjoyed the break, but now I see that I’m doing something wrong. You are just a cog in a machine that makes Fiverr rich. So am I. It’s the new capitalism. The only thing you can do is chase your own tail trying to please master and then your other lesser masters.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Shame there’s no real alternatives.

I think slowdown for all, see many post they argue about this month. Happy halloween for all XD

Who knows, we don’t have access to the analytical data. Bet you that’s interesting reading and it would lead to riots were it leaked.

There’s no slowdown. A little reading reveals that.

i see over 10 people say that slow down. Ever you is top rated seller is say that. I’m not worry now cause this is our issue for this month, not mine

Let me guess a new update for Fiverr, when I see few issues and glitch on fiverr and fiverr forum sales goes down.
My 2cents

true, when fiverr got some update it also got bug and glitch

Happening with me as well.

Well there is no such thing happened with me. My orders / conversion rate is same as earlier.
However here are some tips to increase the sales:

  1. See you gig position as the low orders might be due to change in gig position or high competition

  2. Update you gig (Title, description, images)

  3. Offer something more at the same cost to attract buyers

  4. Provide them excellent services and good communication so they will return back to you

Hope these tips will help you to raise your sells again
Wish for your successful journey with Fiverr

I’ve found that my sales have dipped too… but I think that’s just normal for everyone. Sometimes sales and good and sometimes they’re bad. I agree with Farooqmarwat’s suggestions if things stay persistently bad.

It’s been a crazy slow week so far for me as well!

Me, as well. Considering that September was quite a blast, it’s a noticeable shift.

Moreover, a buyer informed me that my gig was temporarily “unavailable” and then online again yesterday. Another buyer attempted to buy a gig, got charged for it, but it never registered on her or my fiverr account. Some month or two month-old messages just pop up at the top of the mailbox like they’re the new ones. Parts of sentences go missing from the clients’ comments.

Fiverr’s been acting weird on me for a few weeks now.

To add to it, I’m opening my messages right now and there are 10 new messages from the client I got no notification of. :slight_smile:

My theory until this moment:

Halloween event that affect sales
Fiverr are in update. Customer suport just resolved the revenue upcoming issue.

Last month was a boost. I got overwhelming with order everyday, now i’m got 3,4 sales from 1/10 til now.

Reply to @dusuacangmon: There is a revenue issue, too?? :slight_smile:

Do you know if they have an update blog or something where they inform users about what’s happening technically? Only twitter seems to pop up, and everything’s awesome there.

yes, upcoming revenue show not right, missing pending clearance order.

There are no notification about upcoming update, but i saw fiverr want to update a lot for user. this is good but it come up with a lot of bug.