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Sales Down after Latest Update?


My Sales are Down after Latest Update…

is that Common Issue or Only me ?


I don’t have any sales since update.


Hi, same here. but this not the first time. always sales getting slow after fiverr updates :stuck_out_tongue: :))


Yes I’m also seeing very clear change after the last update last month i have Earned $500+ and get 4 to 5 order daily but now one order in 3 days…


Osman shahbaz


What was the latest update?


Reply to @osman_shahbaz:

Yes Same here I got 20+ Order Per Day but now only 5 - 6 per day :frowning:


Reply to @omanbux: lol yes maybe :smiley: it happened few months ago…will fix :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @alex_angelo: ඔයා ලංකාවේ නිසා සිංහල පුළුවන් ඇතිනෙ නේද ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. It’s happen again…


I noticed the search results are rotating greatly recently. If you sort by rating, the first 3-6 gigs usually have poor ratings or only 10-500 ratings. So not sure if sorting by rating is working.


This is why it is important for you to ensure that you retain your customers and make them come back for more.

More sellers join fiverr daily and they make the site porous and so fiverr always try to put them at the top too, so that they can be seen. That’s why we’re all affected, okay?


Same here getting low orders


Reply to @omanbux: ow bn :smiley: mage sinhala install karala na :stuck_out_tongue:


Order my Gig and i will help you !


I’ve also noticed a decline in the past week. Hopefully it picks up again. But it has given me an opportunity to work on improving my gig videos and optimising my Extras. So hopefully that improves sales too.