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Sales down day by day from last three months


from last three months, sales down day by day Fiverr gig position change day by day the level two sellers on the last page and new seller on a front page any other person who notice the same thing can anyone help what to do


yes the situation is known , there are many other posts about it , same here , don’t know if the others still have the issue !


But fiverr not solve this gig position problem everyone is on problum the people who earned 1.5K per month they earned 100 dollars in a month. fiverr doing many things wrong.

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Got the same feeling, last month as a new seller i got 800, now as level 1 seller getting maybe 1 or two orders per month.

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Yes december/january earnings were about around the 2/300 usd now we are luky to do 60 , as we are just starting here it really hurts us


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

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