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Sales Down? is there any way?

Already maintained good rating , great work , quick response time level 2 seller. Still no sales. any suggestions?

thank you in advance.


That happens.
Nature of fiverr
Forget the old days.
Now a days promoting gigs brings more client to new seller than level 1,2


I don’t get orders like I used to either or even impressions. At one time I was on the top of the lists when you’d search for certain things and now I’m at the bottom. I suggest creating social media accounts to advertise. It seems like thats how I get most of my orders now.

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Your stuff looks really, really good. I’m surprised your sales are down. I wonder if you search in your category if you might be able to identify some ways your stuff might be getting passed up. I have no idea what that would be, but if you didn’t change, then maybe the competition did, and you might be able to figure out what they did.


are you serious, you are the level 2 seller and still hard to get buyers ? :scream:

Same here.

Sales are down from 4 months. No big orders like before.

yes mate, thats true.

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:cold_sweat: I thought level 2 will get priority buyers. Good Luck anyway for us all the sellers :sunglasses:

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Actually maybe there are not any keywords included on the description of your gigs, also since you are level 2, did you set up all the gigs available for your level? Probably need to perform a research over the competition to figure out, what you’re missing and also check the images you are using for the gigs, also include videos that explain your service. Fiverr says it increases the sales by 60%.