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Sales down this month

my sales have been incredibly down this month - any one else experiencing this?

Yep my sales are also down this month. Hopefully will pick up next month again

April and May were down. June is much better.

My sales have been pretty depressing also. I’m guessing many people are on vacation and stuff. Ah well… dramatic sigh

Yah sales have been down the past 2 months.

I have marketed my gigs constantly but just got a few sales. The most annoying part is that the buyers do not leave any feedback. They purchase the GIG and then disappear.

This month is better…

They are way too many sellers on fiverr now.

Reply to @safwan: i totally agree with this trend, though i joined fiverr just a fortnight ago, i’ve seen a good number of folks have similar complaints about sales. yes you are right with regards to the number of sellers on fiverr -way too many!!

The reason why it seems like so many is that each gig you make is a separate page. I think fiverr needs to make a new system where you get one gig page for 1 category so let’s say your a video maker you get put in that category when someone clicks on your page that on page host all of your video gigs they then do a checkbox on which gig then they select order. They can even check more than once.

So it would be like this

Gig 1 I will make a video of a cat.

Check buy

Gig 2 I will make a video of me on a surf board with your logo

Check buy

These two gigs would be on one page