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Sales Drop Rapidly

I don’t know why but suddenly sales go drop rapidly. From last 2-3 weeks, its like sometimes gig’s ranking go up and suddenly down.

Maybe it’s because of extra 2$ charges to buyer … What you guys think about it and also gives me some suggestions on how to get more order again and make my gigs ranking better

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I am also facing same issue from last 2 weeks! My gigs are ranking on top position but not getting order. Don’t know what is happening here.


yes… me too… Just don’t get it… whats happening around…

nope, rather your gig has been outranked in fiverr search - You must be able to see how the IMPRESSIONS of the gig analytics have been dropped. We all have such issue, some of us from June, other from last weeks…

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yes … i saw… my gig’s impression, views, clicks… all go down too much…

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July has been my best month to date in terms of sales.

While the increase in processing fees has not made Fiverr any fans or friends, there comes a point in time at which you either step up or step out, in terms of earning sales.

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great… that its working for u… best wishes for u… hope i will get mine best month soon

i guess… many people facing this… best wishes… hope we get orders soon

Same here. Almost no sales for the last months.

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I feel like something fishy is going on. I had rapid sales in the beginning, 20 in 2 months which is great for a newbie. Sometimes many enquiries a day. Then, this month, one sale, only repeat customer enquiries. I’m so bummed. Plus, fiverr won’t display my new gig video, despite me opening a ticket and asking for help. I don’t understand the system.

Same here, I used to get orders back to back everyday on may, and then it all suddenly stopped and i haven’t got any orders for more than 2 weeks.