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Sales dropped after getting LEVEL 2

Hey…! I am a level 2 seller on fiverr and I reached it two weeks ago. I had many ordered before i got level 2. Now I feel my sales has been dropped since that day. Someone please check this out and let me know if I have done something wrong!



Still I am a level one seller for the forum! LOL

my sales have dropped too

Two weeks isn’t a long enough period of time to know anything.

All sales could have dropped for reasons that have nothing to do with your leveling. Tell me how your sales are at level two a year from now.

This is no matter for if you get level 2 and sales stop ! it will depend on some extra thing like now your contents meet with fiverr editorial guidelines or not !!

I am surprise i am also level-2 and 100% positive reviews seller and i was posted again all new gigs now but before few weeks, i have no order !! But i know i am getting too many orders soon via fiverr… :slight_smile: