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Sales Dropped. Again

Hi guys my sales are down at all times low. I haven’t seen an order for days. What do you think is the reason for this sudden drop?

I used this down time to promote my gigs, tweak them and even to add a new gig. But nothing seems to be working. If you guys could please take a look at my account and let me know if I should change anything I would highly appreciate it.

Please share you thoughts on this.

same issue with me and i am worried about that please any body help us.

Thanks in advance

Reply to @faisalshah42: Who doesn’t worry when sales drops? It’s reasonable. However may I suggest some tips for you? Have a video or 2 for your gigs explaining what you’re offering. That might just do the trick.

I agree with you, maybe its a down period for Fiverr.

Reply to @julipalmer7: Yeah lets just assume it’s that and use this time to optimize our gigs.

If most of your Buyers come from the USA, you may want to understand that the Summer Vacation Season has just begun and many Americans will be taking family vacation (holiday) time while children are out of school for the summer. This usually runs from June 1st to late August.

Same problem here as well. What do we do??

Hi guys you need to understand that fiverr does a great job by doing marketing etc but then you also need to understand that you need to work on your marketing campaigns too.

Writing articles here and there may also help you out. However, summer is here and most of the people leave things for later or when they get back from vacation. Don’t give up just keep it up and have a nice summer.

I wrote a post with 33 things I learned on my way to level 2, as well as some stuff about social marketing, vacation mode, etc. You can read it here: Maybe it’ll help? As far as getting more attention, though, I can confirm from my own experience that the Fiverr search system gives more traffic not just to gigs with video previews, but to gigs with recently updated videos. These days I update the video for my best-seller every month.

Reply to @pas2006: Thanks for that piece of information :slight_smile:

Reply to @designeroo: I’ve done everything to promote my gigs and had no luck. I’ve had $0 sales this month. So I thought of using this time positively so I decided to add a few more gigs and tweak my already existing ones.

Reply to @silberma1976: I’d like to assume it’s because of summer so I decided to tweak my gigs and add more to the list in my downtime.

Reply to @ana2001: Yes I’ve actually seen a lot of Fiverr ads on the internet lately. Good job on that! I usually share my gigs on social media and forums.

Yes that is true. Family always come first. So I will wait for them to return :slight_smile:

Reply to @jamesbulls: Thanks for your helpful tips James. Take care :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes I understood that so I’ve used this downtime productively. I put up a new video and tweaked my gigs.

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