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Sales Dropped and started again?

Hello all,

I just want to know that any seller here who’s sales dropped and then started getting orders again after some time because I’m not getting any order from last 1 month but hoping this will end one day.

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It has already been 2 months for me.

Impression, clicks, and views suddenly dropped dramatically for the past 2 months. :expressionless:

What’s happening? @-)

Reply to @corsara: same happening to me :frowning:

I did. 2 months ago I started selling here. I got up to 3 orders a day. Then I didn’t have any for two weeks! This week I got 4. I don’t know why they stopped for so long.

Don’t worry everyone face this issue here on fiverr. Just try to promote your gig outside fiverr.

Same thing happening here… Planning to restart everything if it bring any help :frowning:

I fail to understand how the system works here. I can be really really really busy and then suddenly nothing or next to nothing. No idea.

Reply to @ilovenish: Okay I’ll :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice .

Reply to @myvideoservice: ya same here… hoping this will end one day.

Reply to @rabi369: We can’t do any thing but just wait to happen something in our favour .

Reply to @alysmcdonough: ya exactly …some sellers are getting orders like they don’t have even time to breath and some seller are even not getting a single order in a week.

Yes it has happened to me, as well.