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Sales dropped by 70% after small fiverr update

Just because of 1 tiny update my sales are dropped.
The reason: Recommended filter now displayed by default instead of Best selling.
I was on the 1st page in Best selling category about 2 years and have a lot of orders everyday.
After this update I haven’t orders from new buyers.
Impressions, clicks and orders dropped more than 4 times and keep falling.
Does anyone have the same problems?


Those impressions are impressive.

Well, there is nothing to do about that.

Since you top the best sellers, time to consider how to shoot up the rankings for relevance.

Looking at your gig, you can try to write a more keyword friendly gig description.

Since you already have the numbers and ratings, am sure you can easily dominate the relevance results too.

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There is 1 problem. If I change anything in gig it will dropped in search results. (I tried this in past year)


It is a risk you have to take, But, don’t worry much about that. It will drop for a couple of hours then it will start ranking high.

I have a gig that when I make a modification or two it can disappear from search when it returns sometimes I am on page 6, then I come back to page 1.

Like I mentioned earlier - you have a lot going for you. You have the reviews, you have the proof that you can make Fiverr money, you have everything and I don’t see why your gig will be buried in the last pages.


yes I myself facing the same after updating my gig. it looks like work from beginning.

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same here

I dont believe that changing the gig will change its performance, because I often try to improve my gig, but it didn’t affect this negatively.

I believe fiverr is doing the same thing again. giving too much importance to low performed gigs, because they want a chance, and as consequence they are forgetting those who are performing well.

I’m just “surviving” this wave because my regular clients. But if it drops too much, I’ll be forced to leave fiverr, because it’s the only place of online freelancing where the good sellers aren’t rewarded by their good and hard work.

The sellers who get the good “prizes” (best placement/ranking/impression), are the high priced gigs and the discrete gigs who are always claiming a chance.

Fiverr safety feeling, when your are doing a good work is = ZERO.

I hope to see the day where fiverr would start rewarding (no matter how, maybe with better impressions) those sellers who are performing well, instead those who are claiming for a chance, like it was in the past. Where the best placement/impressions/ranking were earned, instead given.


having same issue. just getting orders from repeating buyers. :frowning_face:

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This isn’t a bad thing, you know. The “holy grail” of any business is to focus on building up a strong client base of returning customers. If you already have this, then you’re doing well.


Yes I noticed sales have been dropped from the beginning of this month.

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It seems like my impression graph. I am a newcomer though.

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Ive heard that even editing your gig just a little will cause it to drop

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Yes. I tried this last year and after editing my gig dissapeared from the search. So I edited it again (made all like it was before editing) and it appeared in the search again.
I know the guy who also was on 1st page for about a year but he edited his gig several times and now his gig always on the last pages.

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Same here sometimes my gigs ranks again went down.
I am facing issue form 23 April and I am best seller in my category

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What I founded about this scenario is just a shuffling to equally distribute the selling rights to every seller on Fiverr.

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I found only that fiverr search algorithm is an inadequate last few months.
Recommended category - ok, this is a mix of sellers and an opportunity for new sellers.
But what about Best selling. How gig with less than 50 reviews can be placed higher than gig with thousands reviews and much more orders?

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Simple. Perhaps the gig with less than 50 reviews has a better gig performance in the last 60 days than your gig with thousands of reviews. The search results do not order gigs according to total number of reviews. It prioritizes gigs according to metrics gained within the last 60 days. A newer gig could most certainly be better than a veteran gig of thousands of reviews within a 60-day period.

We, as sellers, do not know all of the internal metrics the search algorithm uses, however, we do know that the stats listed on our Analytics pages do affect gig “ranking”. Perhaps your analytics and metrics are lower than those other gigs at the present time.


Just because you don’t have success over a few months, that doesn’t mean the algorithm has changed or that it is “inadequate.” It may have been set to take these actions all along.

I’m not saying Fiverr didn’t change the algorithm. Maybe they did. I’m just saying that your personal lack of success lately (and that of other sellers) does not indicate that is has changed. It’s faulty logic to make that conclusion.

Algorithms are by nature dynamic, not static. They are a set of rules that dictate certain actions under certain conditions.

Just because you personally and others may not be benefiting from the algorithm currently, that doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with it.

Please research what algorithms are and how they work before making such claims. Never say the algorithm has changed unless you can substantiate it with proof because otherwise it’s very misleading to other sellers. And performance isn’t proof of an algorithm change.


All my stats are 100% except cancelation ratio (it’s 99% now or 4 canceled orders from more than 300 completed in last 60 days). So the seller who has few reviews or 4.8 rating but without any cancelations has better perfomance, correct? If he/she sell more than I in 60 days - why he/she has only few reviews? Buyers do not want to review a great service?stats

Ok let’s start with facts:
Fact # 1
Recommended filter now displayed by default instead of Best selling
Fact #2
Impressions dropped in more than 4 times in just few days without any reason
Fact #3
I’m not the only person who has these problems
Fact #4
I see overpriced gigs on the top of search results (which I didn’t seen before)


Me too facing the same problem