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Sales dropped by 70% after small fiverr update

Me too facing the same problem

Your argument is predicated on the assumption that if things change despite nothing changing in your ratings or activity, that means something is wrong. It doesn’t mean that at all. And it’s well documented that many factors outside of user control impact ratings, anyway. This is nothing new.

None of your information indicates or prove an algorithm change. Again, these are illogical conclusions.
For analogy’s sake, think of the logic this way: if I was getting a lot of business from an ad for three months and I stopped getting business this week despite the ad still being posted and despite nothing in my store changing, does that indicate or suggest that there is something wrong with the platform where the ad is posted or that they have put me at an unfair disadvantage? Certainly not. Because there are many factors and you can’t isolate them to prove your point.

You have no idea if the algorithm was always set to do all of these things. No idea at all. It’s simply not discernible from the information you’re presenting and it’s misleading to say otherwise.

The fact that many other sellers are experiencing the same thing also doesn’t mean that the algorithm has changed, either.


Sorry to interrupt, but the OP also should be asked on how much is many. Fiverr doesn’t circumscribe to forum users, if that were to be her reference.


Definitely and good point. She doesn’t even know her sample, which is a no-no in research. She’s extrapolating testimonials shared here to mean “many.”

In any case, even if it was a lot of people, however one personally defines that, this wouldn’t indicate an algorithm change.


Of course not, but what can be done if people don’t want to understand… :wink:



Not every order gains a review. Judging yourself to be better than other sellers who have fewer reviews is a faulty point of comparison. As I said previously, the search engine is based upon the Analytics each seller can see, as well as an unknown number of internal metrics only Fiverr knows. You cannot control the search results, or where your gig appears. Your gig will appear where it appears based upon the Analytics and the internal metrics Fiverr has set.

Buyers are not required to review their orders. Many choose not to do so for a variety of reasons. If you earn a review, great. If not, move on to the next order.


Why would you say “of course not”? It’s obviously not common knowledge based on what that poster was arguing. That’s the whole reason I had to rebut. Her supposed proof of an algorithm issue isn’t proof at all.

Why are you being defensive? I was agreeing with you and defending your argument.

:flushed: :frowning_face:

You misunderstood my comment. :frowning_face:

I wasn’t being defensive, I was agreeing with you in what you said, so much, that not only I emphasized saying “Of course not”, the part of your comment that I bolded, but also gave a like :heart:

Maybe I didn’t know how to word it correctly. Anyway… :frowning_face:


Okay, thanks for clarifying.

For future reference, “of course not” means that something is obvious. I wish this was and it should be, but unfortunately it isn’t.

We can make the distinction between what should be obvious in general and what should be obvious to the person you are responding to. That clarity is important.

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Well, when you walk around a shop, higher priced products are at eye-level. It’s nothing special method.


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I appreciate your expert opinion. As a veteran seller you probably know much more than others.

Ok. I just want to mention that I’m doing quick research every day for about last 2 years. I’m also checking gig placements in my category every day. I know all of my competitors. What I see now is totally different.

As I understand only I see this :point_up:
So nothing was changed. Why all stats suddenly dropped - just because.

I would like to hear thoughts from TRS and sellers who were on first pages in their category. Is everything ok?

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Hi @pussyacat,

Sorry to say that I’m no expert in anything - except on my field - and also, I’m not a veteran seller, I’m just 1 year old.

As for the extention on my knowledge: knowledge has nothing to do with seniority and also, knowledge about & around something nobody knows exactly what takes into account, is constructed with collaboration of the many, who contribute with logical reasoning and tecnical explanations.

You need to understand that, normally, incorrect reasoning will lead you to false conclusions. Statements must be objective and based on severe proof, not because many around me don’t buy coffee would mean that coffee’s price raised and no one can buy it.

That being said, I would really suggest you take one more look to all comments and explanations people have given you, so you get to understand that drop of sales doesn’t depend only in a change or not of algorithm, but in many other factor.


No one knows why. There is no point in asking.

if only logo pic is updated it also effect the performance ???

I guessed Fiverr want to remove its cheap website (a 5$ service) tag and they are start promoting to higher values seller on top, as you can see all the 50$ or above are at top now. It could be a shuffling too. For giving chance to others who are at bottom space.

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If a higher priced gig sells well of course they will put it on top. If it doesn’t sell they will NOT put it on top.


agreed, but does it mean that not a single 5$ TRS seller selling well to get that top position? because I have seen all 5$ price sellers are on 4th or 5th row.

My gig has 1k+ finished orders with 5* ratings. 100% response rate, 100% delivered on time, 98% order completion.

It used to get 1-3 orders daily or at least messages from potential buyers were constant. Now I haven’t received a message in a week. No orders from new buyers in 2 weeks; only 2 orders from repeat buyers last week. And that’s it. Fiverr got awfully quiet from then.

I checked my gig position, it is somehow lost on the 20th page going by ‘recommended’, 5th page going by ‘best seller’, and 4th page by ‘relevance’. Based on my gig’s stats, I don’t know how or why its position is currently so far behind. I can’t help but also believe that something might have changed and it helped decrease the amount of orders. Pretty disappointing really.


You aren’t alone. Just happened out of no where.

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