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Sales dropped during summer vacations

Did anyone else noticed the decrease in sale during summer vacations?

Not even a single message received its been 1 month.


yes same issue with me.

I searched a lot most of the people said it will be back to normal after vacations be patient. Getting no sale for a month is the most frustrating thing.

yes you are right dear.

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Hi there @zeeshanrajpo896 and @zeeshanad, this has nothing to do with summer, just because it is summer in your country does not mean it is summer elsewhere… people are buying anywhere in the world… maybe it is just a coincidence that you guys not getting any orders yet… best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto


You can say that. thanks

Welcome and good luck!

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Yes!!! Awful! Also, my gig is showing up as only a photo! I got an email from customer support saying someone was trying to log into my account from a different place. I went in and changed my password. Is this a coincidence? My video is not showing up half the time. Every time I contact customer support, they have a screenshot of my video, however, it’s showing up for me after refreshing and using other computers as just my photos and buyers will pass over that because they need to hear my voice! So on top of summer drop I am dealing with this technical issue as well. Everyone should check your gig and see what is displaying. Check frequently.

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I don’t think so.people are buying gig

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thank you for your valuable feedback.

You’re welcome!! :smiley:

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Same for me. The drop is pretty concerning.

No. My sales have only gone up.

I was doing $800 a month down to $50 a month.

Not sure what the problem is, last 2 months have been dead sales.


A smart freelancer prepares for this and doesn’t use the past as a projection for the future. Since you been making $800 every month prior to the summer you should have been putting away and saving your earnings for slow months. Your earnings will not be the same month to month, expect the unexpected.


I think it all depends on the type of service you offer and the region where most of your clients come from.


same for me :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Yeah, almost the same case for me. last 2-3 months have been very slow… Almost no new orders from new clients. Before, orders were constant and daily.

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for 3 years my sales were consistently increasing by 10 to 20 percent suddenly in the 4th year it has dramatically dropped in the last two months, I was wandering if some internal policies had changed or had something to do with fiverrPro.

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I don’t think this is an issue. Take a rest too! :wink: