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Sales dropped hard after fiverr update i guess

Hi I reached level 1 kinda fast, but now my sales dropped so bad despite the new gigs and video and for some reason i am thinking that this happened after fiverr’s update. So, do you guys also expierence drop in sales after fiverr’s update??

I guess people just need some to time to get used to fiver 3.0

@dariussdigiart: I also have the same kind of feeling!

Same here. I’ve experienced a 95% drop in this month. Fiverr has screwed something pretty much with the latest updates as not you and I are the only ones who have experienced this. Prior September I had sales on almost every single day. Now, I had only a couple within two weeks. I hate when American companies “fix” what is otherwise working perfectly. Its some sort of U.S. tradition to screw their own business, and ours with it.

@istvanszaboifj: haha ye, actually i liked the site very much before 3.0, the font was better, the “todo” dot was shining green and now just pale blue :(. I like fiverr now, but before was better, because it was just done right and nothing had to be changed in my opinion.

Hope sales will catch up with all these changes soon. Good luck all!