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Sales Dropped ? Tip

My sales dropped again, earlier i was getting like 5-10 order daily but now I’m getting 1-2 order in 5 days.

Anyone can check my gigs and give me some Tips ?

17 views and ZERO comment and advice !!

Come on guys !!

Everybody has had a drop in sales.

There is a pretty big discussion going on in the TRS forum. Many people have not seen a single order for days, down from rather hefty numbers each day.

Reply to @ryangillam: Do you think there is a reason for this?

Reply to @awesomesachi: Changes to Fiverr. More sellers than buyers. Fiverr’s overall drop in the search rankings.

Reply to @ryangillam: True that! I really think they should work more to improve the quality of the sellers. I’ve seen so many spreading bad vibes all over the place.

Wow, I think it has to do with the response rate, but I am not sure. I just was experiencing this from last month.

I don’t know how often Fiverr read the forums “It took a while for them to implement that tip feature” but surely they are aware of the decline no doubt alot of people have been emailing customer support so hopefully there should be an increase in coming weeks

I think I will pipe in. This is one of those subjects that no one has an definitive answer for but fun to speculate and discuss.

  1. FIVERR CHANGES - I put this at the top of the list. The constant change with the site and the accompanying bugs can really wear you down. I know it exhausts me.

  2. BUYERS INSTRUCTIONS – Fiverr has done their part in diving buyers away with the additional fees and not providing clear cut instructions. I know I’m burnt out explaining to buyers how Fiverr works.

  3. SELLERS BURN OUT – I think keeping quality here on Fiverr is a constant challenge.

  4. MODIFICATIONS – It is abused and out of control. Sellers will cancel gigs if they have to deal with constant modification abuse by buyers. Buyers are unhappy, sellers are burnt out and Fiverr may lose some customers along the way.

The Logo category is a very competitive category. I wouldn’t think that it doesn’t have alot of repeat customers? Repeat customers would get you out of the need for so much fresh traffic of new customers. I have had a steady 6 months here on Fiverr, but most of my work is repeat clients. I even have my gigs paused alot to limit new comers.

I have no idea about how your space works, but you need to find what items business customers need over and over again. For instance podcast graphics. Most podcasters could use graphics for each of their weekly podcasts. An image to help the podcast stand out on their wordpress page. Most podcasts are released weekly, This would be a new order from the same client every week. If you picked up 6-12 new clients a month, after 6 months you won’t be able to take any new clients. You will be full.

Even though I have worked with audio and video for 20 years, there are products that I haven’t thought of offering until I saw them sell on Fiverr. There are also products I do outside of Fiverr that are not a good fit for the platform. The discovery of these products has been a journey, and I love the process.

Reply to @steveeyes: I think what was offered 1 year ago may not compete or be relevant presently. If the traffic is constantly changing, what buyers are buying is changing and the number of people competing is changing. It is difficult for a static offer to stand strong though time.

Many gigs that are offered on Fiverr can be completed in several minutes using a free software with little are no special skills. When there is no work or special skills required, the market will be saturated with providers willing to compete.

If you offer something that you do exceptionally well (You are in the top 10%), that buyers on Fiverr are already looking for, that takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete. There will always be room in the market for you. People really don’t want to work that hard.

Yes, same happening to me :frowning: