Sales dropping very rapidly


This is just a quick survey.
My sales on Fiverr have dropped off to almost non existent, The sales have been dropping for about 6 months. Where I used to do between 10-20 jobs per day, at the moment I am doing 2 jobs per day on average, Ive just been through 3 days without a single job. I took a look at my analytics and it seems like hardly anyone is searching for voiceovers, the figure is about 10% of what it used to be.
Is it just me (have I upset the powers that be and they are keeping me out of the searches) or does it seem like Fiverr is dying?


My sales have also dropped. Usually I get to do 2-3 orders daily, now nothing. No new orders for a week or so. My Fiverr earnings for November also dropped around 80%.


Fiverr doesn’t seem to be getting the traffic it used to get. All this started for me when new rules were introduced to the sellers, im not sure if the two are connected or not.


Same here from 2 months i just feel myself outside of the bussiness while i am full time freelancer. my orders are dropping rapidly every month and now from last 24 days i have no order.