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Sales Dropping

Reply to @steveeyes: I’ve been wondering about the lack of feedback too, lately when i deliver, i send a message to let the buyer know about the delivery, but i don’t hear from them at all, even the ones who used to reply very quickly are mia…

Reply to @emasonwrites: I was getting messages from potential buyers at a normal rate about a week ago. They were all new buyers and didn’t say how they found me. Most were looking for something I don’t offer or a lot more work than I offer for 1 gig. None ordered. Since then, my messages have also dropped off entirely. I haven’t had a message from a prospective buyer for days, probably the longest time I’ve been on Fiverr except for holiday periods.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Is being a sheriff having any positive impact on your sales? I heard a rumour Fiverr rewards you guys with decent exposure. Not sure if that’s true or now.

Congrats on the promotion by the way!

Reply to @sara1984: I don’t think it does anything special other than keep you up late deleting spam. LOL. I don’t see any effects positive or negetative and the other mods I’ve talked to don’t seem to get extra exposure for “sheriffin’”. LOL. Thanks for the grats, though!

so scary …no views ,clicks and no sales

It’s the same for me… I don’t want to suspect from nobody, but it’s really curious. Sales and messages “frozen”. Today i have delivered a sale to an existing client, not new. It’s very frustrating.

Wow, I’m surprised that everyone is facing the same problem. Usually some sellers will be down while others are up, but it seems that everyone is down. It’s strange that we are all receiving a normal amount of messages, but very slow new sales. I wonder what’s going on!

Fiverr is on the down low with this :))

I had a huge boost today, new customers and all.

@ryangillam That’s interesting. I saw a slight upswing today - the first one in a while. Mine wasn’t huge so I don’t know if it even means anything but perhaps!

Reply to @fonthaunt: I wonder how our messages to sales ration factors into our rankings (if at all). Seems like it would with the “response rate” feature? I dunno. Because my experience parallels yours pretty well–lots of messages, but no one ordered, now very few messages and very few orders.

@ryangillam @fonthaunt SAME! If only whatever happened today can be replicated more often