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Sales Dropping

For the first time in a year, I don’t have any sales pending. I don’t even see that many new buyer requests either.

Hi… For me this June is being terrible. I don’t know what happens because i have no experience in this month. I started in May '14 and last June i was just starting. I received my first sell in July and since this, only growing, but all now is frozen. No orders, no requests… i’m not too happy.

Reply to @odbtec: Summer time is usually slower, but it is very slow now. I’m thinking it has to do with the Fiverr updates.

Everybody’s sales are down.

I went from 14 orders a day to barely scratching one, and that one comes from repeat customers :slight_smile:

Something is different about this slow down compared to the past. Rarely before in the past did I see TRS’s complain about sales dropping. A few here and there but not nearly as consistent as it has been in this past month.

Reply to @ryangillam: And yet your deal is so good too. Two articles from an English speaker (with writing prowess too, might I add) is akin to theft!

Russ, you may want to play with your delivery time a little. Shorter delivery times are ideal. Yours stands at 8 days at the moment, which is quite a long time if you don’t have many orders. You may have more luck reducing it to 3 days or something like that.

Reply to @sara1984: Perhaps I’ll do that. They were set for 8 days because I used to have over 10 orders pending at one time.

Reply to @russflex: Oh yeah, makes perfect sense. Mine is 8 days at the moment, too. When things are quiet I usually lower my completion time to 2 days. It usually gets things going again.

Reply to @ryangillam: Same happening to me as well :frowning:

I don’t think delivery time have anything to do with it because some of my gigs were at three days and when I see orders I might increase it. I just have to agree that maybe as other users has said in previous posts that it has to do with more sellers joining than buyers.

Reply to @russflex: I think so. It’s slower at summer time. I hope this is not last longer :frowning:

Yeah, you’re right, Juli. For article writers, changing delivery time can help a bit, especially if it was fairly high, but it’s hard out there now that there are a heck of a lot of members on Fiverr. Every newbie wants a piece of the pie and is prepared to undercut you/do more for a fiver.

Reply to @sara1984: Old timers with a bigger track record should get seniority though. :slight_smile:

I blamed my own slowdown on some time in Vacation Mode that dropped my visibility. I have to admit, though, it’s been too long now to just be that. Something else is slowing my sales down as well.

Some things that I’ve seen include buyer confusion/upset over the new licensing extras in 2 categories, the processing fee, and problems with search. Even put together those probably aren’t the entire reason.

There’s also been lots of lenience for sellers ignoring parts of the ToS and increased numbers of sellers who can’t do what they promise. That affects new buyer trust. I’ve seen long-timers say that they’ve weathered sharp slowdowns, though. Fiverr is still popular in general. I hope it’s just a matter of time until we see an upward swing again.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I know the processing fee is a big part of it. Buyers don’t want to spend too much now because of that. Fiverr really got greedy with that fee, which is totally unnecessary. They are already making 20% off of us while insisting that we do our own advertising. The least they can do is take the fee off the buyer’s end.

It’s just not sales that are dead, all communication channels are either not working or there is something up.

  1. After I deliver a gig, it seems like I hear back from buyers less and less. It makes me wonder if they got the notification that their gig was delivered from fiverr.

  2. I use to get 20 to 30 inquiry messages a day. Now I’m lucky if I get 1 or 2. When your messages drys up, it is a sure sign sales will too

  3. And of course orders. My queue is down to 1 – the lowest it has been since last Christmas. No inquiries, no sales.

  4. Search Engine ranking…NO COMMENT

    It almost feels like Fiverr is a ghost town or at least my gig does.
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IKR @steveeyes its the same for me.

This is extremely weird. Overall gig impressions and clicks are down, even though my gigs haven’t moved in search results. Weekends are usually a slow buying time, but to get NO orders over a two day period and then the only one being from a regular customer is extremely weird. Like fonthaunt, I was attributing my slow down to coming off of an extended “vacation mode,” but I had great sales up until last Thursday, when things just dropped steeply off.

I’ve also noticed an increase in messages (though a decrease in messages overall) from buyers who want a discount or want an extra or something for free. Obviously, these are people that don’t end up ordering, because I inform them, however politely, that my prices are already discounted and that I can’t offer additional discounts, so I’m fielding mostly messages from people that I know will never order. I dunno if there’s a correlation between the two, I’m just saying…it’s not fun for the only messages I get to be from goons.

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I am having the same problem too sales drop, impressions, clicks, views drops can’t seem to understand why. I even create my video uploads and still no results. any advice will be nice